Do you see any of the world's superpowers dissolving, a short time ago approaching the Soviet Union did, within the implicit adjectives?

Yes... it is the end days... everything is going to collapse.

Now jump play some video games or something.
Yes I can see them all dissolving, the sundry leaders and political troops that is. And they will, no doubt, dissolve to for us. We will adjectives be left to fight it out, and re establish, while they live their lives out within safety and in luxury. Lets frontage it, what ever our! particular parasite parliament is up to, it isn't for the benefit of the British people......or within the interests of the British people....But then, as Jack Straw stated, The British aren't really a family worth saving. I think that slip up statement should enjoy told us all we needed to know, particularly as hes hasty "retirement" as a politician very quickly followed the statement.......I suggest that all the world leaders are hiding some bloody awfull secret. Every Western country is one duped into a very uncertain adjectives.
Anything could happen, it doesn't take much working out how much trouble is bubbling underneath the surface. The EU is in far more trouble than it would like to accept. Massive spending cuts in the economies that own only just started to rest from the recession, and money owed by the trillion. The USA is owned by the Chinese and they don't like it! And half of the Middle East have gone bust with Dubai in finicky in deep financial trouble. Wars that the West can no longer afford are on the horizon next to big question marks flaccid over N Korea and Iran and their nuclear capabilities.... so yeah, much trouble at mill.
I think the USA if it is not reliable is in a position for this to some what happen. But I don't reflect on it is going to dissolve the USA like the USSR did. It will just bring more or less some serious reforms of the US Government.

China is a very powerful Country they could cripple the US reduction and ability to fund its military by dumping all of the USA debt on it's nouns. China is also advancing it's Military.

In my opinion Chinas cutback looks very similar to that of what the USA had surrounded by the 50's 60's and 70's.

The US Economy is based on Debt and consumer spending huge majorities of the US Economy are not sustainable on their own. Consider this the average US house hold carries 10 thousand dollars contained by credit card debt. That doesn't include the home loan car loan or any other debts. Factor in we are consumer base economy when the credit runs dry the Economy will crumble.

But the USA is still an extremely rich country. China can not grow enough food to nurture it's people. Ag will be what brings the USA Economy back. That and the USA have massive oil reserves that are far greater then that of most middle eastern Countries. We also own a ton of other valued minerals and things (coal gold and so on). less later 10% of the Gold in AZ has be mined.

All of these things have a global helpfulness. Some of which will be in high emergency.
I can see China falling.
Yes, us, U.S. lower than the direction of Obama
Considering that the lone current SuperPower would be the USA -No.

Give china another 20 years, and it will be a super power. But No then, also.
In terms of population and spending power I already count China as a superpower. The government still have most of the people on its side but with things similar to monitoring the internet, refusing travel visas and limits on nearest and dearest size the people may realize that they are not so cherished after all. I can see some munificent of peoples revolution as soon as in the next ten years.
Yes but unfortunately it will be nuclear weapons that dissolve them.
In all honesty I dont think any of the BRIC except for Brazil own strong long term growth potential or the stability to hold together during the social upheaval of industrialization. China's growth model depends near totally on exports, a flea market which is only a portion of the US economy, making further growth difficult, contained by addition it has a history of mortal fragmented and its demographics are falling to shambles. India is composed of so many different ethnic, linguistic groups and cultures and has such a watery federal government maintaining internal stability will probably pocket such priority over exerting power in the future that it lacks the proficiency to act like a superpower. And Russia face a demographic crisis and by trying to reassert its sphere of influence is coming into conflict with the US, which is dramatically more powerful.

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