What right do hold i hold if i own an indefinite donate to remain surrounded by the UK?

When you are granted the UKBA should give you 3 or 4 leaflets explaining your entitlements including right to work and study without constraint and recourse to public funds, amongst other things.

Unfortunately i cant find the leaflets on the UKBA website, but if you conatct them they may know how to give you the detailed information you require. Source(s): Work for solicitors NO! It don't. If you aint paid no taxes - you, hopefully, willl procure no benefits. AMEN! But here in Britain we are seen as soft-touches. That's because our politicians' are currently pipsqueeks and allowing our nation to crash apart. Your ''right'' to remain here will be denied because you don't have that right. The people of Britain are sick of paying for ''ALL THE WORLD'' to come here and suck us dry. Yet, I don't blame you. Source(s): Hello! It process what it says. You have go-ahead to live in the UK for the rest of your life.

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