How does the UKBA accomplishment when they are aware of populace working improperly contained by any establishment?

I am writing a story and I need to describe a scene where the UKBA dance in a restaurant to try to arrest Illegal workers but I am not sure how it actually ensue. does the police get involved? If someone could give me a back I would thanks a lot.
They literally dance in mob handed near the police and arrest and question them on the spot.

Saw it happen a few weeks ago across the road from work!
Sure you'll find what you stipulation amongst this lot.…

This one should do the trick.…

If you want to keep it realistic, sort sure any illegals found claim to have lost their passports and get released on police bail, never to be see again. That's what usually happens, lack of detention center places individual the main problem.

Lame excuse if you ask me.…

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