Speeding fine 5 month on?

I'm a bus driver and got caught speeding on 12.3.2010 my employer sent the wrong address to the police so I didn't actually receive the become aware of of intended prosecution until 4 month and 10 days after the offence. I sent the nip back 26 days after I received it. I own just received a letter informing me I hold a sixty pound fine and 3 points and have 28 days to respond to this letter which is dated the 18/08/2010. If I rebuke the letter once the 28 days have passed it will be passed six month since the misdeed. Can I legally get away next to it?
Once the NIP be sent to the bus operator then the Police enjoy unlimited amount of time to prosecute you. Most will drop it if the driver has not been identified/dealt next to after 3 years.
The thing that you have neglected to mention surrounded by all of the above is :

Were you speeding?

I think you possibly be, so pay up and stop trying to look for loopholes, especially as in this overnight case there are non.Just remember that if this goes to court and the prosecution play on the reality that you were driving a bus you will get a much greater fine and possibly points. Source(s): uk traffic officer If you dispatch in one part of your driving license and not the other, they cannot process the fine and will hold to ask you for the other part, this gives you a further 28 days to respond taking you beyond the 6 month spell. If you do nothing, they will take you to court.

P.s I'm not sure that the 6 month rule is still standing
NO you can't.

Had they not sent anything at all in that six months afterwards possibly. But as you have announced to the whole world that you own the letter etc then you own not got a hope in hell of getting away beside anything.

Ashley - total rubbish.

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