Is it official to market a disc beside freeware on if you individual charge for the disc?

I would like to know if it is legal to charge not for the freeware but for the disc and your service of putting the software on the disc?
Please reply
That will depend on the rights you agreed to on the freeware, you may own the right to disseminate it freely but then again, maybe not.
In a world with internet I don't see why you would bother. But if you read the readme files that come next to most freeware and shareware you will see what the permissions the owner has granted for redistribution.
If you profit from doing it, probably not, unless it come with a resale license. Otherwise, probably so. I'm not sure though about your time surrounded by burning it. If done on a large scale and earn significant profit, a court would probably find that the license agreement and copyright was breached.
Yes but just if it is open source as most alleged freeware has a EULA stating the author must be given credit, notify or donated to so you need to check the programs before doing so. Source(s): Brain

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