Are Iraqi troops hero?…
to Iraqi...??
if you know what i mean... Source(s): news. IN WAR THERE ARE NO WINNERS ,JUST DEAD BODYS
The Iraq Army of today is not the Iraq Army of the 20th Century.

It stands up for freedom despite Islamism, Terrorism, & other threats. Bravely or fatefully, Iraqi Troops stand point, despite the imminent threat of annihilation from suicide bombers and drive by shootings.

Recent News from Iraq:…
They are in their own country!
Contrary to what the hippies will notify you, it is possible to win a war. What else would you call it when your rival unconditionally surrenders to you?
They are in my book. It took brass balls to go against the terrorists that infiltrated their ranks and killed and kidnapped their family in the name of Allah.
All men that enthusiastically put on a uniform and step forward with their mates within defence of their country are bloody hero's. ( my Grandfather said that.)....and he's right.
No !
I have to say yes , they and near families are being kidnap , tourtured and targeted for attacks and they are STILL on our side , that makes them heroes
They are not heroes but you should be proud and run you hat off to them or anyone else who chooses to wear a uniform for their country.

Thumbs down for maxim you should be proud of your soldiers go figure.
I suppose to be a hero you don't own be special anymore.
Yes. They were merely following orders.

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