Why would a social worker entail to interview a 6 year old-fashioned boy who is not surrounded by any trouble?

My husband was removed from the UK 2 years ago, and has be refused a visa to return in proclaim to see myself and our 6 year od son. He (very stupidly) tried to enter the UK illegally recently, and is currently within a detention centre waiting for removal. He got into a disagreement next to an immigration officer recently and said in anger that he would filch my son to his home country with him (not actually purpose this - it was said in the boil of the moment). This 'threat' seems to have begin chain of events as follows: Immigration Officer reported the remoark to the police, who are taking it very seriously. I have to be interviewed by both a police officer and a social worker, who says she is planning to inform my son's school. My son seem to have been allocated a social worker immediately (from the children and families early intervention team), who wishes to interview him. I touch that this has been blown out of adjectives proportion, but I am especially concerned that my son (who is a very happy child and have not suffered any detrimental effects due to the situation with his father), is now going to be somewhat traumatised by adjectives this fuss. Not many boys need to be interviewed by social workers at 6 years antiquated, and he has done nothing wrong, and is individual brought up in a loving family (though I do hold some health problems myself - though this does not affect my care of my son). Can anyone refine me as to why it is be necessary for a social worker to interview my little boy? Is there anything proactive that i can do to comfort the situation myself? I'm worried - I've read horror stories about kids being put into foster perfectionism recently because mother refused doctor's direction to feed him junk food!
They have been alerted to the possibility of your son self taken. First thing they have to do is start the case with a early assessment of the boy, make sure that hes safe at home etc. That's adjectives it is. don't worry about it. They are not in attendance to cause you unnecessary problems. Be thankfull that there is a system contained by place to keep your child safe and make a contribution you back up, if needed. The fact is that you might all right know that your husband would never do that. But they do not. and you'd be the first to scream out INCOMPETENCE if your child suddenly disappeared. You cant have it both ways.
Why was he refuse entry 2 years ago?

The answer to that question may tell you why everyone is so concerned in the region of him talking the boy.

I'm sure you are doing a good livelihood. The social workers aren't concerned about you.
Many ethnic group have a fear of foreigners, so the affairs of state have responded by imposing border controls and excessive beaurocracy on them. What have happened to you is wrong.
My family be visited by a social worker when I went through a phase of have tantrums and not wanting to eat. He seemed to assume that some form of swearing was involved, even though I had be diagnosed with an autistic spectrum disorder, which would be the obvious explanation, and his visit would often drive my Mum to tears. Many who claimed to be helping only considered necessary to fill in the paperwork so that they could receive their income. Now 16, I have realised the truth and been competent to change considerably with the aid of all the people who have been praying for me, but the government don't work out, and are too often corrupted.
it looks like a over allergic reaction i wouldnt worry to much about this
UK - A social worker can interview a child if they come up with there is any possible danger to its go and as your husband threatened to remove him they will want to know if the father had ever mentioned to the child about going to live surrounded by another country. This social workers report will now be on your child school report throughout his university life.
It's not going to be a formal "interview", it'll just be a friendly chat to label sure everything's alright at home. Once they're satisfied it is, that'll be the end of it as far as you are concerned.

They don't cogitate you're not looking after him properly, it's just because once they've been alerted, for anything reason, they have to convey out these checks.
All agencies have to share information when involving a minor and adjectives have to do their bit.

Its an *** covering exercise, don't worry as long as you don't truly think he would do anything.
Do not allow your son to be question when you are not present. Source(s): I am a retired police officer. I retired as a sergeant, after 29 years, from a very voluminous department, about 12,000 officers. I be a patrol officer for 4 years in a very diverse nouns. I was a tactical officer in the glorious rise project areas of my city. We called it vertical patrol in that we walk the the stairways of the high rises most of the time. I did that for 5 years and was promoted by check to detective. I worked violent crime (homicide, sex, officer involved shootings, robbery, kidnapping, serious non property incidents) for 11 years until I be promoted to sergeant. I worked as a street supervisor, a bicycle patrol supervisor and a desk sergeant/watch commander.
During my time as a tactical officer and a detective I was a unit representative for the police grouping.
I have a B.A in English and an M.S. contained by Law Enforcement Administration.. I don't want to upset you but be very careful here and obtain legal advise or a permitted advisor who knows about these things to accomplishment for you.
Social workers have targets set by system to remove children for adoption from homes where the children might suffer 'emotional distress'
I think your rights and that of your child will be infringed if this go ahead, in general social workers are a imperative unto themselves, take legal guidance fast.

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