After the subsequent UK Election, can we expect at tiniest 20 years of Labour?

Here is my scenario, hung parliament, Labour win but far from majority, Simon Hughes the Lib Dems Labourite leader takes the celebration to Labour, GE after that, Labour majority and then a further 10 years simply because its Labour! and the scroungers, the immigrants cry "We want our benefits back"

Brothers Grim Milliband duly deliver, society wrecked again. floodgates open and ilegal wars, but at least we get our Labour back!
Working on the principle that the majority of UK voters have the memory of a goldfish I wouldn't be at adjectives surprised.

I remember the 70's under Labour - then the rise of the Tories and the inevitable cutbacks and sacrifice to pay for Labour's spend, spend, spend. Followed by the arrival of "things can only bring back better" Blair & Co, their spend, spend, spend of the last 13 years - and now the, all the same again, cutbacks to pay for it.

One day the British population will learn the basic financial fact that you can't put a Government in place that spends more than it earn without eventually having to earnings the price!
An election could be called at anytime between immediately and 2015 and you think you have the answers.

A week contained by politics is a long time - 5 years is almost for ever.

It depends what happens between now and the see and when the election is called.

If it is call now I think the tories would win a majority and the lib dems would take almost no seats.

If it is called during 2011 - 2012 when the cuts are hurting folks I think Labour would win a majority and the lib dems would get almost no sitting room.

If it is called in 2015 and the discount has recovered, the double dip recession didn't happen or be only small I think family will have forgotten the bad times of 2011 - 12 and the tories will win. If it hasn't recovered or is a sever double dip I reflect on it will be a labour landslide.

All depends what happens to the coalition and when the see is called.
I think people are sick of the Tory Labour divide, i see a unsullied party being formed and taking power. Britain will not survive near another labour government. It's a broad statement but the coalition be handed a poisoned chalice. Lets see how the coalition deals beside it while toeing the line with their masters in the EU.
People appear to have very short memories. Do we really want to regress to the 'greed is good' era of Thatcher? The Tories didn't carry a mandate to govern, the LibDems have sold their voters down the river and the reason we are contained by this state is because the Tory's of the 80's sprivatised what belonged to US the people! - we will never have satisfactory social housing 'cos it was sold off, privatisation ruined the railways and transport infrastructure. The idea we are in this mess is because of the collapse of the US banking system. Yes, immigration wants sorting and we need to be tougher and stand up to the EU - but the Tories ALWAYS batter those in most obligation - the poor. The rich are going to get richer under this nouns of a Govt and the poor are going to pay.

Enjoy this while it lasts - the Coalition will collapse tremendously quickly and Labour voters will get out and preserve this shocking cutting Govt out. Source(s): personal So, it's the Millipede Bros or the CamClegg duet as Britain's imagination will only ever stretch to the LibLabCON. and accordingly it's the varying degrees of madness that in a minute decide our future. Forget any thought of indisputable change, we must follow our corporate leaders and be good little slaves for the New World Order. We must fetch on with our shitty little jobs and discharge ever higher taxes and go shopping for things that we do not inevitability in order to fulfil the NWO's destiny. Disobedience by looking for alternative leaders and different ways of vivacity will not be tolerated, and you will be mind controlled by the world press and even taken away to a place where they will re educate you if prerequisite.
Yeah, bleedin hard labour. Source(s): Tw(a) All the more root to vote BNP
TORIES,LIB DEMS, LIEBOUR MAKES NO DIFFERENCE...ALL SELF SERVING SCUM...with no interest in U.K peoples welfare, heritage and adjectives...
No, I don't reflect so. The next Election is a good 4 years away and we've still get the potentially ruinous Olympics in 2012. Will the LibCon coalition be in command of to get the Country out of the financial mess we are in? Who know.

In my universe, the Country wouldn't have sold off it's main assets (railway, power, gas and water services) resulting in the huge profits made by these companies disappearing past its sell-by date to Germany, France and all points east where the controlling interests of these companies in a minute reside, thus reducing the amount of cash entering the UK economy. Then, when the world discount went down the toilet, the UK government would own had a slightly better starting point to reduce the massive deficit that we in a minute find ourselves in thanks to Gordie and co who've be misleading the public over various issues for the last 10 years or so (fictional dossier anyone?).

Add to this pile the expenses scandal which is still grumbling on and you own an electorate who still wants something different, modern and something we can get behind, The ultimate election gave us none of these and our solely option was the devil-we-know Conservatives or the new-kid-on-the-block-but-don't-look-at-h… Lib Dems. You still have the tribal "I'm a Labour man as was my father and his father before him and his whippet in the past him" Labour vote as all the bad things Labour did be all Tory spin cause the Labour Party stands for the working man - or so they believe. The result be the hung parliament that we all saw coming but there you move about.

Next election be hung again? Possibly. Would that be a bad article? Hummm - I think this current government is no bleak thing - the past 10 years own seen Labour bulldoze through their own agenda with lip service remunerated to due process and little notice taken of public consultations and what the Country actually needed. We immediately seem to be irrevocably stuck in a time of war zone (Afghanistan) with little sign of our armed forces Police Action coming to an end. Should we verbs out? God no - that'd cause a massacre on monuments proportions, but the mission they were sent to do be ill thought out and framed. We also have a organization administration that is simple so massive it is collapsing lower than it's own size. Inefficient, waste and in some cases a complete redundancy abound gratefulness to Gordie's reforms in some areas.

Until Politicians of adjectives colours admit they made mistakes in the handling of the reduction, the Middle East conflicts and the whole expenses scandal, the public will continue to hold little to no faith in politics and those who purport to service the interests of the County. I see within your scenario that after the next Election, Labour will have an even further reduced presence within the House of Commons with the Lib Dems becoming the majority Opposition Party and the Tories being returned to No. 10. But this will depend on Cameron reigning within his ego and ensuring that he remains a politician who listens to the relatives of the Country. He's got a lot to lee-way at the moment - we adjectives know the economies shot and needs fixing, we don't approaching the cuts and extra taxes, etc, but IF it shows that it does the job, he'll get credit come Election time for a not easy job done. But if he lets his ego start to shine whip over like Maggie did - God help him.
Oh yes, the Tories and their arrogant supporters will always claim they never do any wrong and that the economy is other in a mess when they take power. Thatcher and Major be running this country for 16 years and we had a succession of boom and bust years with them. We lost billions surrounded by oil revenues due to Thatchers insistence on having 3.5 million on the dole instead of creating job. Unemployment was a price worth paying to keep down inflation, one of her ministers said. Never the smaller number, inflation went throught the roof, as did interest rates and taxes and house prices fell until people have negative equity. Tories will conveniently forget about that though and simply remember that they intuitively were "All Right Jack" and to hell with the rest of society. In reality Thatcher declared that there was no such article as Society, whilst Cameron wants a "Big Society". Wonder what Thatcher thinks of that conception?

I personally believe that the Tories savage cuts and the resulting poverty and unemployment increases, along near the VAT rise and increased NI contributions as well as inflationary price increases accross the board is going to anger a lot of ancestors. Previous Lib Dem supporters will abandon the Lib Dems on the basis that frequent will not forgive them for joining the Tory party and others will see them as a vote for Lib Dem = a vote for the Tories. I believe that a lot will team up Labour and possibly give Labour a majority at the next see.

I do not think this government will second 5 years unlike some people who seem to presume that everything is rosy at the moment. Take off the rose coloured specs and you will see and hear a very different story down-and-out of Britain. Many people are living in dread of what this bunch of swash buckling Tory ministers will cut subsequent. Cutting the pensioners cold weather payment would be the death knell for the Tories I can make clear to you that. The number of old people surrounded by Britain is considerable and they have been deal a bad hand for long adequate. Take away what little they have now and they will soon be rid of this administration, make no mistake about that.

Finally, Tories supporters love to throw around the insults when they hold nothing else to contribute to an argument. The brothers Grim? Better than Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in power at the moment. I also loathe the way Tory supporters always believe that to be a Labour supporter you must be unwaged, an immigrant, a scrounger on benefits or all three. Let me transmit you something - I know quite a few people approaching that who happen to surprisingly vote Tory, though God knows why. I also know greatly of quite wealthy culture who vote Labour. So stuff that in your pipe and smoke it. Certain classes of people are not other the type of supporter you expect at election time. And by the way - Thatcher wrecked society - as explained more rapidly, when she declared that it did not exist. Dont blame Labour for that. She sold Council Houses and then had society thrown out onto the streets when they could no longer pay their mortgage.

If Labour win the next see, I hope they do stay in power for 20 years just to trade name Tory supporters totally and utterly miserable. It's what they deserve. Greed and selfish arrogance is all they know.
If it wasn't for the Labour goverment our country wouldn't be in the state it is contained by. So you must all do what you can to keep toil OUT.

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