What would you rate the Royal Marines if in attendance be a top 10 roll of warfare unit?

If there was a roll of the top fighting units contained by the world would the Royal Marines be on that list?
There are abundant more specialized units around and that's not an insult to Royal Marine

SAS, SBS, Navy SEALs, US Army Delta Force, Russian Spetsnaz, AUS SAS, CIA Special Activities Division all train for years to become operator in their groups.

The CIA Special activities division is made up of adjectives the best American Spec Ops guys. That's how they recruit.

The SAS is regarded as the finest special ops group within the world by pretty much everyone.

Delta Force is basically the American SAS. They are actually base off the SAS. They based their training sour of the SAS template.

Aussie SAS. Again their training and the way they operate is very similar to the British SAS.

The SBS recruits primarily from the elite of the Royal Marines so one could easily draw the conclusion that they are a superior force.

Similar to the SBS the US Navy SEALs and especially DEVGRU (They conscript the most elite SEALs) also have much longer and more special training.
You would requirement to define a rating system and the parameters of said system.

For example, Special Forces are too few to be deployed on a mount that we see in Afghanistan, but they are extremely good at what they're trained for. But the Marines or Para's hold the numbers for such a large scale deployment whilst maintianing similar level of combat training.
Are you considering Air and Naval units as fighting unit because a RAF Squadron would certainly be better than any other when it came to Air Combat operation.
The same goes for a Navy Destroyer when it comes to Naval Combat.

A better question would be to rate the respective umbrella organisation they belong to, for example the British Army indubitably one of, if not thee best in the world.

If you want my personal assessment the SAS and SBS come first and because I'm a landsman, the Paras before the Marines. But in besic language they're both elite units.
They are some of the best trained within the world, but not knowing the rest of the world, I cannot say they are the best, as much as I would like to.
Well I once watched a programme on TV where a troop of Royal Marines and a team of US marines were on a jungle exercise. The Royal Marines completed the course first and by a huge edge!

They're not the best fighting unit BUT THEY'RE IN THE TOP ONE!
1. SAS
2. Delta Force
3. SBS
5. Australian SAS
6. Air Force pararescue
7. 1st Marine Infantry Parachute Regiment (France)
8. German GSG 9
9. Navy Seals
10. Army Special Forces
Sorry, far to many other unit. Remember all these guys on the list enjoy to train for years before they can earn their titles. The Royal Marines are very special though. They may not appear on my list, but they in no passageway at all suck. 32 weeks of intense basic training is an amazing standard. The Royal Marines is a foreign brother to the U.S Marines Corps so, Oorah!

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