Is it right that the state dictates to religious adoption agencies who they cannot exclude such as gay couples?

I thought secularists wanted a separation of Church and state.

But this is an example of the state interfering with the Church(es) & religious adoption agencies.

I do not know how the New Labour politicians get away with it.

What about subsequent time around? - The politicians telling the Church(es) what they can teach. So much for religious freedom. So much for independent view!

If the state wants to tell the church how to behave afterwards what if the church starts telling the state how to behave? Why not? What goes around comes around.

And so call traditionalists/orthodox thinkers in the Tory deputation have remained painfully & utterly dormant about this matter.
If religious adoption agencies want to receive state funding then they have to fulfil anti-discrimination legislation. They are free to discriminate as long as they don't use public funds to do that. The case in the word is a catholic adoption agency that wanted to continue acceptance state funding but set their own rules about who they would deal next to, they have quite rightly be told that they can't do that.
Why should any organisation enjoy the right to unlawfully discriminate?

If the Catholic Church wanted to refuse to place children next to ginger-haired couples, would you think that was allowable?

Or would you allow a religious group to utter that since it believed black people were evil, it be not prepared to place children with black couples?

Illegal discrimination cannot be suitable, just because there is a supposed religious rationale for it.
To put the record straight, this does not single apply to state funded adoption agencies so you're accurate about what you've picked up from the media.

This adoption agency, Catholic Care, be challenging the 2007 Equalities Bill Sexual Orientation Amendment which made the discrimination on religious grounds or otherwise against gays contained by the provision of any type of service from any type of organisation illegal, so it includes for instance a guest house or B&B putting itself at risk of prosecution for refusing to tolerate a room to a same sex couple. Obviously adoption is a deeper issue, but the principle is the same in that it's roughly balancing the rights of one group of people to know how to discriminate and the rights of another group of people, also paying their taxes, not to be discriminated against.

Of course you're spot on when you ask "why would a gay couple go to a Catholic adoption agency anyway?", but the Christian fundamentalist right, as represented by groups approaching the Christian Legal Centre do not see it like this and back interview cases, some probably also created by their opponents, and stir up hypothetical situations, because they want the laws changed to allow nouns against gays on religious grounds in any chosen area of natural life. If you're not happy about this any adoption agencies have to be prepared to comply with the present law or they have to find grounds for exemption which will not undermine the rest of the legislation.
If the state, and the people didn't drag religion kicking and screaming into the 21st century we would all be living contained by caves and fearing an invisible "God".....I would own thought that the catholic and christian religions could be grown up enough to realise that the world has plenty problems with another certain despise fuelled oppressive and violent religion....short joining in with the insanity them selves. If the public have a referendum on the subject ALL religion would be banned. Frankly I don't see how the world can ever improve unless we Ban religion altogether. It is the practise of the neanderthal. Religion have no place in the 21st century.
No, it's not right.
State canon over rides church law ,all religions I know of articulate you must obey the law of the territory you live in. In this country England the state law say you cannot discriminate, the church is free not to participate if this law go against its teachings but what it cannot do is break the law.
What goes around comes around - the church have the power in this country for centuries now the state rules.
It is up to respectively individual whether they follow the teachings of any religion but what many do is follow only the teachings they resembling. The catholic chuch teaches no sex before marriage ceremony so that should reduce the need for adoption agencies . In the valise of catholics it should mean only the babies born from rape and incest and a few that are born into family too large to afford another child would even come up for adoption.But I forgot,that is one of the rules that can be unobserved.

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