Trying to locate sgt emmy bear cole base surrounded by iraq?

My name is Michele and i am trying to locate a sgt emmy teddy cole us army..base in iraq.Angela i noticed you be looking for the same man i think it may be a scam..Has he asked for money from you all the same..
In the US Army, at lowest possible, there's no one by the name of Emmy Cole, but at hand is a Teddy Jay Cole, who is a WG12 DOD civilian with 2/149TH AVN, in the National Guard. Don't know if he's contained by Iraq or not.

This is from AKO Source(s): AKO I would like to know if you can put pictures on this
Considering Emmy is a WOMAN'S name, this has to be a scam.… - Teddy Cole have already been reported as a scammer asking for money to leave

And why does every other Nigerian scammer use the alias Cole? I newly answered another question by someone being scammed by an employment scammer name Smith Cole, and googling dating scammer cole you'll find everyone - Johnson Cole, James Cole, Robert Cole, Alan Cole, Henry Cole, Anita Cole, Deborah Cole, Sandra Cole, Anderson Cole, Jennifer Cole, Peterson Cole, Tobias Cole, Sgt Daniel Cole, Williams Cole and thousands more results

Here are the signs of a Nigerian scammer…
I just checked the DOD database. There is NO ONE by that name surrounded by the US military.
if this is for a family emergency contact red cross

otherwise you were scammed

and at hand are a bunch of such scams going around

i need to ask this
did he ask you to convey him money so he could come home on leave
if so you thats a scam
the military pays to fly the men and women serving home

this is most likely a cyber- name of a person that doesnt exist
hi michele im also talking to him on skype my yahoo is marion_crist if u want to add me to yahoo enjoy u been talking to hm on yahoo as in good health maybe we could compare notes on what hes be saying u can email me if you want my email is monavie_marion(a) i think we necessitate to talk ehasnt asked me for money but wants me to go and get an passport forthe family bussiness i think yuare right i cogitate it is a scam a very clever one i must say have he sentypu pics of his mum him and his kids and one of him in army uniform and does he tell u he is a snipper within the army and does he tell u he goes out every darkness in the helicoptor marion

(a) mandy i dont know i dont think so have he scammed u to

(a)Marion, a passport so a terrorist can get into any country, PLEAS DON'T DO IT!!

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