Littering Fine - Fixed Penalty Notice Needed On The Spot?

Could anyone advise me on the law relatein seventh heavenittering? I was approached by someone who said he was working for the council (but not a police officer) who claimed he have seen me drop a cigarette on the pavement. He asked for some ID so I provided my driving license. He then confirmed my address (by phone) and proceeded to trademark out a fine for lb80. At this point his pen ran out of ink so he said I could either dally for him to get another or I could leave as he would take home sure the fine reached me in the post (I disappeared empty handed). He also said there be CCTV on that road that would have seen the pique.
At no point did:
- He read me any rights
- Issue me with any piece of paper that explained what be going on, what I would have to pay, who I would enjoy to pay
- Give me any opportunity to pick up any litter I may have dropped

I did not recognize anything.

Any advice would be gratefully received (other than littering is bad which I am economically aware of!)
the with the sole purpose advise that is available to you is settle up the fine before you end up near a court summons and don't litter in future, which is the complete point....
When the notice reach you, you have a choice. You can pay it (there's a discount if you repay straight away) or you can risk getting a criminal record. If you don't pay the fixed cost you will get a summons to the magistrates court where you will be tried for littering. The maximum cost is lb2,500. If you plead not guilty and the Council cannot convince the magistrates that you are, you'll be acquitted. It's hardly worth the risk if you did drop a cigarette.
Firstly, you should ask him for proper identification past giving him any of your own ID. How else would you know he's a genuine environment officer doing his job? What if he copies your personal essentials with other criminal intent and use your data for crimes?

Second, it's farcical that an environment or council officer telling you his pen has run out of ink and will post the ticket for the fine to you. Is it that difficult to borrow a pen from a passerby on the street?

Anyway, an environment/council officer is not a police officer and you're not being arrested. So, he need not read you any rights but should make clear to you that you may appeal against the fine or attend Court to claim trial if you think you've been wrongly accuse for the littering act.

An offence committed, is an sin. You won't be given any chance to pick up the litter which you may claim that you've dropped it. If you think you've be wrongly accused, then attend Court to uphold yourself against the littering charge. Most would just pay the fine as it's in general a small amount and forget about it because it's really much hassle going through the legal procedures, of late to defend a petty offence.
He doesn't have to read you any rights unless you are arrested and he's interviewing you.

At the same time, you be under no obligation to make a contribution him any ID or answer any of his questions. What you should have done be

- Remain silent and refuse to answer any questions

- Ask to see his council ID

- Asked if you be under arrest or being detained (and if the answer be no, you could have just walk off)

By this point, you will basically have to any pay the fine or take it up surrounded by court. But know your rights for next time.
I would imagine that this was an Enforcement Officer from the council or a Community Warden.

In canon you have completed the offence and surrounded by fact a cigarette butt is given as a typical example.

He has no condition to give you any paperwork, although it would have be nice!

If you had walked past its sell-by date as suggested in someone else's reply you would have committed an other sin of failing to provide your details to an accredited person which would hold landed you in court as powerfully as the littering and I would expect that person has no respect for authority which is one of the reason the country is in such a mess.

My advice from a court and moral prospective is to pay the fine when / if it arrives at the reduced rate!!

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