Is Scott Ritter (former UN Weapons Inspector within Iraq) human being framed?……

There are millions of people online on dating and sex sites. We all know how trouble-free it would be to fabricate a "sting" like this. Creating an "identity" online is easy. We can adjectives pretty much pose as anyone we want online. Ritter is supposedly going to be tried in September 2010 and no doubt "evidence" as reliable and from similar sources as those that supplied the evidence "proving" Iraq have weapons of mass destruction will be produced at the trial "proving" Ritter is a paedophile.

What I don't get is what difference this make to the FACTS Ritter has bravely fought to make public roughly the US looking for a pretext to go to war beside Iran. Ritter would obviously be a thorn in the side of anyone suggesting a military pre-emptive strike against Iran's ALLEGED nuclear arms programme was justified. I reflect we can all see similarities between the build up to an attack on Iran and what we learned from the build up to the time of war in Iraq.

What Scott Ritter does, as a consenting adult within his own home and free time doesn't actually affect the validity of what he say on the subject of US foreign policy.
yes, he is.

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