Could you appropriate the bbc to the european courts to stop the tv licence?

do you think the european courts would rule it illegal for them to force the tv licence on us i dont want to study the bbc channels but if you have a tv you must income
Most of the rest of Europe have a similar system. It has to be paid for somehow. How do you propose it be funded? Personally I prefer to hold uninterrupted programs with no ads. Source(s):… u possibly should b subscription..........there's not 1 piece worth watching on ANY of the bbc channel..............EVER
This is a common misconception.

In certainty the TV licence is a licence fee to own a TV capable of unloading a signal. It is not, in fact a 'BBC' levy.
It also pays for radio and the BBC website.

It's no different to road tax, except the licence fee revenue is currently ring-fenced.
The BBC is the most wasteful overspending bloated corporation in history. Do you realise simply how much the BBC get in TV Licencing revenue? There are 60 million folks in the UK. If you generalise and give a orb park figure of around 20 million households, that is 20 million x the licence charge which is what lb154 at the moment? So that works out at over 3 billion pounds a year. And what do we get for that? A whole lot of rubbish and repeats and word programs that posture and grow ever more pompous. One person said it was not a human right to scrutinize TV, that is very true, but it is a human choice explicitly denied us. And it is no good just throwing out the TV if you want to avoid the licence excise. You have to throw out your PC too and any other equipment that may receive the airwaves. It is an oppressive levy and overdue for review on how the money is spent. Shocking to realise that 6 million pounds a year goes to that over rated, untalented idiot Johnathon Ross for his annual wages. That is what I phone obscene extravaganza and a complete waste of our hard earn cash.
I watch largely BBC programmes. Where would my right to choice be if the BBC failed to exist through lack of funding. Oh, I know, in attendance would be advertising. Another blight on society.

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