Why do politicians seem to be so untutored?

In the sense that if there is overwhelming evidence that contradicts them. They seem to be unconscious and confident there is no evidence against their incorrect claims. Do most politicians actually research their claims themselves? Or are they consulted by advisers/researchers who bring up to date them what to say?
Having pieces of weekly hanging on your wall does not make you smart nor prudent . Ive met an awful lot of really dumb "educated " people surrounded by my lifetime .
Politicians say perception is actuality. Facts are unimportant if politicians can successfully alter people's perception.

However, in the concrete world of horseshoes and hand grenades perception that is incorrect is a murderer.
The sad certainty is, they are either uneducated or they are corrupt and intentional committing such autrocities against the people, against the Constitution and against the ethics of why they are surrounded by office in the first place.
Its nice to want to believe that they are of late stupid, but I think the Democrat party have shown too many times in times past few years that its on purpose.
No. Some politicians are both uneducated and incompetent to learn from their advisers / researchers.

The teapot woman is one of them.
Because there are more Democrats than usual, so there are a larger number of pathological liars and chronic frauds.

Here is one typical example:

Phil Hare (D-IL) doesn't exactness about the Constitution
They are climbers, not thinkers.

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