Why do so abundant not here world-shattering athiests the biggest hypocrites on the planet?

they act like christianity is this horrible religion but plentiful appease muslims...they are against christians preaching their religion to non-christians but they are arrogant themselves when trying to bash christians and blindly stick up for muslims
Haven't you heard of syntax or punctuation?
Just what do you mean when you use the permanent status 'left radical athiests'?
By the way the word is spelt 'atheists'.
Atheists are people who solely believe in things that can be sensed. Atheists go against christians because within are some scientific mistakes in the current Bible. But they in control Muslims because the Holy Quran is compatible with all advanced science and in attendance is no single scientific error.
In addition, Many scientists who are atheists when they read the Quran they appendage up MUSLIMS.

I am sure of what I am saying, There is a very long record of atheist who embrace Islam
Why do so many people post a grill on uklawfaq.com without checking what they've typed?

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