Baby TV - taking money more money than they should be for my online subscription...?

Baby TV - taking money *3* times a month for 8 months for online subscription...?
So they have been taking money out 3-4 times a month instead of the once which is what i signed up for, and I cant return with in contact with them.

Their mailboxes be full when we emailed them and the only phone number i can find any where on the pattern just has a answer domestic device - no help there.

SO very soon Im thinking, 8 months is a bit long when Ive tried to contact them so many times. Cant cancel the subscription - would be a disaster and feed times would become a massacre - so I do need to actually trademark them stop.

But what can I do? This is essentially stealing right? Taking money that doesnt belong to them out of my bank...?

SO what can I do?
First contact your bank. Tell them the amounts you hold agreed to pay by direct debit and ask them to recover the overpayments through the direct debit system. Now write (yes on paper!) to Baby TV setting out what payments were due and what they've taken and update them you want compensation for their incompetence.
Start making threats to report them to the BBB and the FCC

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