If you miss breaks at work because of too much work, can you nick the time posterior somehow by ruling?

Ive recently quit a job i despised, because i was overworked and underpaid and unappreciated. In my 2 years there, i missed ALOT of breaks and cut short my lunch breaks to procure work done on time. I was told by my employer that by decree I have to take these breaks, but it be impossible with the workload - I never got this time rear legs in lieu, and I wasnt even offered it. I must have made up around 400-500 hours of overtime over 2 years, only just by missing breaks.

So if "by law i have to filch breaks", does the company have to give me this time backbone "by law" aswell? either by time in lieu or money? I've moved out the job now, but I enjoy friends there who are getting used and abused aswell and I want to give them correct information so they dont find overworked like i did.

UK answers only please! But any adjectives info from other countries will also be appreciated!!
im sorry but as your firm did not tell you to work your breaks, why should they foot you for working them ?
you should of done the best you could in the allotted time and then told them you be over worked Source(s): my head Give ACAS a call and explain your situation, they might be capable of help.
The best thing to do is to consult a lawyer who specialises contained by Employment Law. However this is likely to be expensive. As far as I understand the statute, you are entitled to regular breaks, but they don't have to be paid. So I don't dream up you will be able to claim any money back. But if you really perceive that strongly about the issue, seek officially recognized advice.
It was your choice not to take your breaks. All the company have to do is offer them. If they are not, they are in ruin of the law and should be reported. And, no, they do not owe you this money.

In the US, only a handful of states mandate rest breaks and simply a few more mandate lunch breaks.

The company doesn't have to settle up you for lunch breaks so technically you can't claim back unpaid lunch breaks. A lot of companies use that old chestnut. You enjoy to get everything in writing first and signed. I'll pass you an example, this old bastard that was foreman on two job i was on had it within for me. He was up my ar'se every two minutes. He was a full on company man and it wasn't similar to i was a skivver. He was merely a cowardly two faced turd and expected me to do all the work when nearby was 2 full timers scratching their ball. I'm a subby i didn't work direct for the same firm. He as's licked resembling crazy worked his holidays because the big boss promised him time in lieu but when the time came for him to transport back the time accrued the big boss asked him for the contact that they both signed! I own to say it couldn't have happen to a nicer fella!

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