Why is the disappeared lovesick beside destroying the white masculine christian power structure of the west?

Why are you simply referring to male white Christians, what about females, other ethnic groups and followers of other religions? Or are the rest of second class contained by comparison? If you think like that, set your time device to the middle ages prior to the age of enlightenment or around those times as lots of men to whom you refer to thought that women were in like peas in a pod league as animals and didn't hold regard for females, animals or anybody else except for white christian men, what a bore!
True Christians are non judgemental, humble, meek, mild, gentle, loving, caring and sizeable. They do not oppress others, neither do they preach or choose certain biblical text to underpin a fantical belief that some men are inferior simply because they do not conform to a certain way of existence or happen to have be born with a different colour skin. People who do that are pretenders, false prophets, hypocrites and closer to the Devil than to God. Those who seek power to rule over others next to malice or menace are likely to die miserably, and enjoy all manner of troubles befall them. Good always overcomes evil. There is no such thing as a white mannish Christian power structure in the west. This is a delusional vision of pomp that has been etched surrounded by your mind. Furthermore, you appear to blame the left, which is always the easiest target to blame for those who are incapable of putting forward a convincing or educated discussion based on facts. Your grill if full of diatribe and pathetic nonsense and the sooner you stir up to realise this is 2010 the better. We no longer live in the early 1900's
Because they are all little pu$$ies that never get sour the government tit!
Not all lefties ruminate like this, just the twats from the like of Searchlight, UAF, Rev left, and Indy media.
I enjoy heard of lefties which agree that the Islamic extremists are not good for the for this country, as it ruins the emblem of the more moderate majority.
Just because you're a leftie doesn't make you against "white male Christians"
Is that a picture of your gay boyfriend Nick Griffin?
That is the silliest thing I've heard.

What give the white male christian more superiority over anyone else? I'm going to go beside nothing as the answer to that question.
A question minus evidence. (In other words; why no examples of what you mean?)
Why is cancer research UK obsessed next to destroying the white cells that power cancer of the breast?
You believe you are Christian??
You are no more Christian than a man who thinks he is a motor, because he stands in a garage!
They aren't, they just want you to keep your insane religious beliefs out of every ones organization.
Because they want to ruin America. They have already ruined us satisfactory.
Frankfurt institution cultural marxism

Because You are Christians in label only.
Problem - we don't own a male, christian power structure in America and never own. Source(s): ON paper at least. I know, Right? What happen to the era where women were subhuman sex property??
Those nosiness liberals!! All up in my America, dismantling my theocracy.
is that Nick Griffen the self confest Pagen

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