Why is the UK so WEAK?

NOW you can murder your own daughter and you will ONLY get 8 years.
Why is their no justice surrounded by the UK?
I ponder the answer is two fold, society is now valueless prompted by the unfulfillable promises of consumerism, buy this or that and become more attractive, brighter, cleverer, richer, more "worth it", live a better life span style, all of which 100% fail to deliver. So they are discarded, and the subsequent promise is bought and so the circle continues until the worthlessness starts to include people and life. Once society fail to deliver they can be easily discarded or destroyed.

Secondly we own a seriously flawed judicial/ custodial system bursting at the seams and serving no purpose in vocabulary of rehabilitation, correction or preventing re-offending.
There seem to be some strange attitudes contained by British justice - idiots like Cherie Blair should not be letting populace off 'cause they are religious or any other bogus excuse.

Labour have put abundantly of people in positions they are incapable of discharging appropriately because it is 'fair' within some way. These people should be rooted out and sack. Oh and without a fat unwarranted cheque. Source(s): The lunacy of the last 13 years of this corrupt and inept Labour government. It's approaching that in all democratic countries. The punishments are getting weaker becasue nearby is now other laws to be taken into consideration. The human rights deed is the primary cause as is better loopholes for lawyers.

People give the impression of being to have problems understanding that it's not a one shoe fits adjectives scentencing system and there is a lot more than papers publish. I rememebr person on jury duty for a serial rapist case and he got 4 years but he be in remand for a year beofre coming to court and his lawyer have put in some professional assesments saying he be not a public threat but more a victim becasue of his family existence! So don't blame the judges and laws it's the lawyer. Source(s): Book of john And that 8 years could easily turn into 4 years after good practice!

The UK justice system is a joke when comes to sentencing, victims of crime own less rights than the criminal it would seem, you can't even safeguard your own home, you would end up doing time for protecting your family if you attacked someone breaking into your house!
We British nation are fed up with criminals delivery lenient sentences,unfortunately here is absolutely nothing we can do nearly it.

We have voted for a party that promised to be tough on decree and order,yet again we enjoy been lied to.

The only method that we can ensure that criminals are sent to prison for a very long time,is if we can choose the judges,but this is never going to start.
It's a good question, beside a very simple answer:- We have allowed the PC public to rule over adjectives sense. The punishment should fit the crime. Capital punishment should be brought back. No remission ( except is particular cases) should be considered. Time added on for doomed to failure behaviour. Prison not made to be a rest home. Age, (If a young child, the parents should be held responsible and pay) femininity, race should have no stance on the punishment. No special treatment for minority groups. As far as prisons being filled...If within was less crime within would be less need...
Lastly, the victim/innocent should be treated more profitably than the criminal, rather than the other way round as it seem to be at the moment... Source(s): A BNP member Because we have a parliment of rich greedy losers who one and only ever think about the money or how much things will cost them.
They don't keeping if a Paedophile goes on a life sentence and afterwards walks free 7 years later lone to do it again. They don't care if theres scummy yobs out there battering up old woman. As long as the money doesnt fall out of the Mp's and the Prime ministers pockets they dont bequeath a damn its all a shambles. No wonder murder and rape still exist in the 21st centuary its because they dont carry enough punishment nowadays for it.
This is what happens when you let the 'do goodies' loose.
The full British justice system becomes a quip.
Just look north of the border into Scotland.
britain has the most prisons in the eu,the most prisoners,the longest sentences and some of the lowest possible human rights,thats a fact,look it up,our police and govt are corrupt,we are one of the most spied on by our govt,perhaps sharia ruling might suit you,ps. under 4yrs you will do half the time,over 4yrs its up to the parole board after youve served almost two thirds of your sentence.
justice is rubbish everywhere
the uk is no exception
They might release him humanitarian grounds if he gets sick
or maybe put up a nice memorial to a departed policewomen shoot from a embassy window
Because the people are spineless. A country is only as strong as its inhabitants. Your talking about a ethnic group who stood aside and allowed their government to give their country away to an unaccountable Nazi style super power, after describing them that they were not entitled to a articulate in it.......What can you respect a people close to that. Even their own parliament has no respect for them. A doormat people on a doormat island. A endorsed system that treats criminals like valued customers and victims like the rival of justice.

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