A quiz for Black americans single...?

when obama was announced president, every black person contained by america were rejoiced.. yet immediately we see what lier he really is, he broke alot of promises, just makes me sick to believe why did he have the blessing of the black freedom fighters before him i.e. Malcolm X, martin luther king they put their lifes at risk for black rights within america.. and yet we have obama.. individual priviliaged with this opportunity and he abuses it..

what do you reflect on?
Y'all joking right? It's saturday morning man what be y'all thinking?
Black inhabitants ruin everything they put their hand too, they are incapable of running or administering a country. Every Black majority city in the US have been destroyed and ghettoised and crime is out off control. Obama is a N*****r within a suit, he was elected on an affirmative action ticket. Perhaps also the city be he was a Politician 'Chicago' has an underlying swell of corruption and dirty Politics.
btw, Malcolm X and Martin luther King have their dirty side too.
Why did black people rejoice when he was elected? Because they enjoy always thought that the underachievement of Black people be solely due to White Racism rather than themselves. They have be taught a very costly lesson that whoever is in the White house he only serves one master, Money.
Er, excuse me we are in the the UK and I can see open press oh!,and did not white and other US voters vote for Obama? Ray Here is right Its Saturday morning over there take a pill!
Quit comparing Malcolm X to MLK. He be a very sick man.
Oh my god! When will my fellow Black Americans stop OPPRESSING the White general public of America? Obama is an evil man whose sole duty is to oppress and rape the White culture of America like his African American ethnic group have been doing to White Americans for CENTURIES. I apologize on behalf of the Black community for any mar caused. You will be receiving reparations within the mail tomorrow for the slavery of your people.
lol ok if ya say so cracka
I thought his name be Oilbama.......?

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