Military name for ships getting worse?

Whereas I do think the new carrier being named after the Queen and Charles are a great sign of respect they aren't epic approaching some old names resembling Dreadnought 0_0 which makes you think of some behemoth bringer of destruction.

Anyone else think this? Also what would you call fresh ships?
yes we did have cool name for ships my fav being the fighting Temeraire she turned the french fist rate Eagle to matchwood at Trafalgar as okay. and inspired a cool Turner painting. they should name one of those things after her.

wasn't the 'prince of wales' sunk by jap aircraft? and the queen Liz by Italian frog men (from memory)
HMS victory along beside 26 ships of line and 6 others defeated and captured france's 18 ships of queue with 8 others and spain's 15 ships of line.

The label was important contained by those days, they were traditional & give the crew pride and moral. The british within the battle or trafalgar won regardless of being outnumbered because of 1, the royal armada drills for reloading were the best in the world, 2, the strapping first rates were one of the best ships with firepower contained by the world, 3, the moral and pride of the sailors was immense under nelson.

Today its more give or take a few the multiple tasks and great firepower the machines themselves can do at once.
The powers that be are getting so arrogant these days it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they call the next big carrier "USS False Flag" LOL.

One of my favorite lines from Tom Clancy's "Red Storm Rising" have to do with the naming of ships.

HMS Battle Axe just blinkered a message to USS Reuben James, while they be leaving port to form up for convoy duty.

The message read "What the bloody hell is a Reuben James?"

The Signalman asked the CO, "How do you want to respond to that, sir?"
The CO said, "Send, 'At least we don't pet name our ships after our mother-in-laws'".


Thommie is not too far off.

We do have a USS Jimmy Carter, name after the most ineffective President EVER. Granted Carter was a Submarine commander before he be president, but still!

And then there is the awfully controversial USS John Murtha LPD-26, Named for Senator Murtha who called our own troops "the Enemy" and that we were raping and butchery civilians.

At least your ships are being name after people who can be respected by the military, not those who denigrate it. Source(s): USN Vet Bless the Royal Navy, and excuse an American anecdote:

Traditionally U. S. submarines were name for marine animals, but starting in the 70s subs started pose the names of American cities and states. When asked his opinion on this adapt, Admiral Rickover, the head of the Nuclear Navy replied "Fish don't vote."
Those are two very traditional and distinguished Royal Navy names for possessions ships. The Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier is not being name for the reigning monarch but rather for the first Queen Elizabeth and the Prince of Wales is not being name for Prince Charles but rather for the title itself. Those two names own a long and respected legacy.

It sort of like how Enterprise is the proudest autograph in the US Navy and there will other be a ship of that name as long as there is a US Navy.
The US flotilla has been giving ships name like that for a long time. what about that old-fashioned ww2 ship? the king george class or something like that?
Royal Navy ship names are repeated over and over again. In the Falklards skirmish the names of copious of the ships taking part wee the same as those contained by a first world war action surrounded by the same waters. Sometimes you will get a spanking new name but their is always a drive. There will not be another ship named "H. M. S Victory" because technically Nelson's ship is still in commission contained by the same way as is "USS Constitution"
So in attendance may well be another "H M S Royal Sovereign" but I think the sunken "Prince of Wales" and "Royal Oak" are both period of war graves and possibly still technically in commission as is the "USS Arizona" at Pearl Harbour (harbor)
I chew over a cool name for a ship would be the USS PsyOps :)

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