Im applying to come together the british army as an officer. I would close to some guidance,?

I have the qualifications, i know this is what i want, its what ive other wanted. i have my initial interview next to a Lt. Colonel next week. does anybody have any direction about what i should ask, im unsure about what living i want to do. I have lots of support. but some advice from someone who have been in this situation would be thoroughly helpful. thanks
Hi Gaz

The best place to pose this cross-examine is on ARRSE. It is where the serving community hang out.

Great accurate luck. Source(s): wife of serving British Army Officer Try searching - Army Officer Interview Questions and it might help. It will depend what level you have, if you have a medical level then obviously it would be something contained by the medical section, if you have a computer level then something in computers etc but anything area you chose I presume you will be sent to the front line?
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