David Miliband, do gooder or in recent times a belligerent tosser?

Labour leadership candidate outlines, within some detail, his top tips on hosting gatherings for supporters. In addition to the advisory document, the supervision contender has uploaded a video to YouTube entitled "A message from David to your house meeting," which he recommend hosts play to their guests, while those informing Miliband's supporters of their event could be treated to a telephone call from the man himself – sure to win the party rocking.

www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2010/aug/2… Answers:
I for one would not call him a "tosser" because I don't suggest he is man enough to fulfil the requirement. A "Plonker" yes because that means a foolish or inept personality (the vulgar slang) he is a p.....k
The Labour leadership must surely be the biggest non event of the year since Labour are going to be out of power for decades if the the people has any sense
Faced with such a tough choice, I'll enjoy to run with the latter.
John McDonnell would have been the man for me, failing that Diane Abbott.
David Miliband, a do-gooder? Please, what polite has that belligerent tosser ever done?
Neither. A scheming, corrupt, money-hunting, arrogant, groomed, styled Tory, just like Blair.

All the ultimate government's front bench should be expelled from the Labour Party as traitors to everything it ever stood for before Blair..
A man of the people eh? Not another legal representative.
He is also Hilary Clinton's toy boy
Just a plonker
I would take the latter!

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