Why does the army not encourage/is bothered more or less soldiers using steroids?

Surely steroids would build a stronger band of troops as some of the benefits are shown below:
Build mass and strength of muscles and/or bones
Increase delivery of oxygen to exercising tissues
Mask dull pain
Stimulate the body
Reduce weight
I cant see why the army would be against steroid use and why they do drugs checks for them rather than turn a blind eye. Ideas?
If you can only get through physical training beside steroids then what will you be like when trapped surrounded by a hostile environment without them? Weak and emotionally fragile, but on the plus side you would have a terrific set of norks.
Those so-called benefits you programmed are short-term. Steroids come with a host of LONG-TERM side effects, including compromised immune system, induced hypoglycemia and electrolyte imbalance, brittle skin and bones, physical distortion (ever heard of "b* itch t*its" - the medical term for this condition is gynecomastia...look it up; not to mention shrinkage of your package) infertility to moniker a few.

The reason physicians exercise such caution surrounded by prescribing them is because of the long-term side effects. But too often some guys think they know more than physicians and disregard the consequences for perceived short possession gain...and end up paying the price in the long run. You honestly chew over the military wants to foot the bill for abusing your body approaching that? Soldiers, and all military, deserve better. Source(s): Me - an Army Nurse Because they can give you heart problems, culture become dependent on them, you should only be dependent on yourself and the people around you. It can't generate you perform the duties of a war enemy better, not even close. The amount of muscle and strength isn't what makes a cohesive military unit, it is discipline, scholarship, stamina and morale. It's a mental state, mental toughness, that is why you have these olympic swimmers, lifters, etc going to SEAL training and individual the first to washout while the 120 lbs guy next to them makes it to graduation beside the other 16 people out of 180 that started the class. Roids would do jack **** to increase the efficiency of a combat element, it would hinder for the above reasons.
because it is maltreat of substances.

plus, without them, your supertroopers would start to shrink.
it is a sad truth, that our bodies start beside the protein metabolism first, so they start metabolising muscles before they start with the round.

larger body requires higher sustainment energy supply.
Armies hold used steroids on troops since WW2 ( Nazis were the first to do it on a large scale). Sure they are not 100% clean long term but neither is being shot or blown up which soldiers facade on a daily basis. Steroids don't massacre soldiers but the enemy and even friendly fire sadly do.
Long occupancy steroid use turns your brain into swiss cheese...The military needs people who can THINK.
To an above answerer:

Actually, you don't enjoy to have balls to be within the army. During the Civil War, General Robert E. Lee's favorite horse was a gelding named Traveller.

Nowadays, I don't focus horses are used as much, but also women can enlist. Source(s): the historical novel Traveller Because they are pretty dangerous and contaminated and lead to premature death and heart problems.

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Because there are side effects and they're not healthy.
hold you seen people on steroids

powerfully there was the guy once call Raoul Moat

you need to be more then strong to be within the Army you also have to make consistent decisions

and have ball...............
LOL own u ever took steroids? i havent, but i know people who have, look at the crust of raoul moat in the uk.

As if u cud build an army out of sted heads.

Besides to progress in army u have to demonstrate the enthusiasm to get hold of fit independently, and stick to it. They arent going to be sending steroid tablets with rations and munition are they lol. Source(s): What a crazy question fook steds. Two words "ROID RAGE"
very well another
"B" ****
Rois rage is one, if you think we are have problems with soldiers now over within, then wait until the roid viciousness happens, I was on deca once and a gay feminine pissed me off once and I could feel the "T" coursing thru my vein. I must have had feral looking eyes, I did not even have to get up to see her but.
Then if men take too much "T" it start to turn into estrogen men start to grow breasts.
Yea if you think marines are crazy,you should see them on roids. men move about bald and it strinks their manhood so they are even more pissed, and then you supply growth hormone on top of that, and those side effects, man what a mess...yea then you own the sex drive that is out of control and they will rape adjectives the muslim women and we will have a world of hurt on our hands... I know I use to dangle around body builders.
high blood pressure
acne problems
stops body from producing its own testostrone
going off "T" make a man sluggish

I also know a soldier who got caught with roids.

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