Im Being Bullied And Im F*cking SICK OF IT!?

OK So Coming Home From School 3 People I Know Came Over And Emptied My School Bag in The Middle Of The Street... :(
Lots More Happened Since That Incident One Year Ago
Tonight Earlier On I Was Being Called A P**sy for Not Asking A Girl For a b......j
and everyone else joined contained by ... Even My Friends :(
I Left Quietly Pissed off
they Pretended to Rape me then tried to dump me within a hedge
yeah this takes bullying to a unbroken new level
The Problem Is They Are Way Bigger and elder Than me
Im Sick Of Not Fighting back what will i do
my friends are afraid to fight backbone too ... they just join contained by :(
Many years ago when coming home from school i was waylay by two boys and a girl every evening first it was just words after that it was fists and sticks being it be the only road to my home i tried just nearly everything waiting for an hour and so on but they nearly always got me . I be eight i complained to my mum and her reply whats the matter with you fists you any take it or fight pay for that's life . being they be much older than me i worked out a plan i would wait for respectively one individually and make them pay . it took three months and i used a four by two to knock within teeth out but after that i was left alone for the rest of my academy days my reputation for ruthless pay back preceded me surrounded by every school i went to . For respectively offence i was warn by teachers and police not to carry on the vendetta but they did zilch to stop the bullying nor did they suffer any of the pain . Just make sure it is retribution not to much impair.
Well I get beaten up three days on the trot at my school. He be three years older than me, and a damned sight bigger. On the forth daytime i was so scared of getting subjugated up again that I put a house brick in my school shoulder bag and cracked hes head with it. I spent the full day in the police station, He spent the together day in the hospital have six stitches and an xray.....but I never got picked on again right through my school days. King John conservatory essex. 1963. Spank the tosser with a brick. Best leveller in the world.
What the... is this for real?
Your writing indicates very poor behavior on your slice.. I have never been a bully but may enjoy clocked you now and then.

Just fracas back if you get hurt convey your parents and go to the police
The best thing to do is act batty, bullies are nervous around a mad creature. Start having a chat with yourself, take some way out clothing and start talking roughly strange facts that no one would think of erudition. You will soon get your own space and some damn good looking partner.

Focus on a career no one else would dare to undertake in your area and receive it. Use the bullies and give them the finger. They only pick on you due to the reality you are going somewhere. So go get it.
I don't know how antediluvian you are but it sounds like you are a teenager. It sounds resembling these so-called "friends" aren't really true friends or good friends. Try to talk to them and ask them if they would similar to it if you did the same thing to them.

If they see that you are foolish, then it means they enjoy gotten to you and that is what they want.
They want to get a rise out of you, when you are young-looking most people "follow" the crowd.
Try to find one or two new friends to droop out with gradually. Maybe one or 2 days a week after maybe more often. Look for a girlfriend at college, through someone you know, or on the internet, maybe if they see you with her, they will expect twice about you and might not think you are a P**sy.

Remember, What go around comes around.
it is time to involve the parental unit, the police, ask for protection. You are entitled to it, demand it. If you remove yourself from this environment right now, surrounded by ten years, you won't care. Allow it to continue and in that may be really serious things that will happen and never be repaired.
they pretended to rape you?..guys pretended to rape a guy??...aaaaaaaa sweet clever...get them all pay for one at a time... u and them face to face..not when they contained by a group..

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