Am I breaking the UK directive?

I often have to travel miles to find to the shops.

Sometimes I get diaoreah, where I enjoy to just empty the stool surrounded by a public place.

Although I mostly have to walk through the woods next to my dogs, I am worried that one day someone may spot me. I have already have one close encounter.

If I pull my trousers down in a public place to avoid them getting stained would I be breaking the regulation?
This website is a magnet for freaks! Source(s): ably the fact is when scouts go on camp trips they crap in the woods ands so do the army so i don't think it is against the statute Source(s): my head Yes Indecent exposure if you are a man
Conduct likely to basis a breach of the peace if a woman
There are other charges relating to indecency
You should be thinking almost what is causing it as everyone else manages fine, walk to see your doctor or change your diet.

It is a health jeopardy and a filthy thing to do if other people stroll there. Plus you can get reported for indecency.
On your next shopping trip why don't you buy a pack of adult nappies
By literal interpretation of the decree, yes, you are committing an act of indecent exposure. However you could argue necessity due to the other option of defecating surrounded by your clothing, and that you took reasonable precautions to not be seen.
If someone see you and complains then you can be prosecuted.
You could also be prosecuted for leaving a mess (after adjectives, dog owners have to use bags to tidy up after their dogs).

I suspect it's some unnatural fetish & you need professional help.
yeah, it's counted as public nudity so whether you do it in a lofty street or a woods it's still illegal.

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