Could some one put in the picture me what is the impact of policies imposed by eu on uk business?

is it actually building our economy?
Let me confer you an example.
15 years ago, Tesco lobbied in the EU that cucumbers should be traded in standardised classes and singular straight cucumbers of a specific length should be class A1.
That reduced the storage costs and transport costs and unified the prices to a very low price horizontal.

So UK consumers could only buy straight cucumbers in their supermarkets. The medium and the people ridiculed the EU for this silly rule, not knowing where it certainly came from.
The spanish and Dutch and British farmers all have to produce to the Supermarkets specifications, invested heavily in new methods to increase their abandon of straight cucumbers. Production increased so much, that the vegetable is one of the cheapest in the EU and no one make any profit, apart from Tescos.

Then organic food became popular and Tescos realised it could charge double the price on an life cucumber.
so it lobbied in the EU to get rid of the regulation.

Now the Spanish, Dutch and British farmers own a product that drops further in price and they have no services to produce organic cucumbers and cant sell equal quantity of their straight ones. They just lost out again.

So, don't blame the EU for everything, blame the corporate exploiting conglomerates, that use the Media to squeeze every sizeable penny out of you.

Another example are the bankers.
They honestly argue that they would not work as well if they did not get the huge bonuses anymore.
So if the EU regulated the remuneration of Banks, the industry would collapse. Ludicrous. Bankers 15 years ago be no less motivated than todays, but earned a quarter of their current salary. Greed has to be curtailed and the Eu might just accomplish this.
They are finished.

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