Has Obama convincingly rejected the 'left'?

"I hear these people saying he’s (Obama) similar to George Bush. Those people ought to be drug tested... I mean, it's crazy..." he dismissed the "professional left", axiom, "They will be satisfied when we have Canadian healthcare and we’ve eliminate the Pentagon... They wouldn’t be satisfied if Dennis Kucinich was president."

Was it Rush Limbaugh? Sean Hannity? Glenn Beck? Ann Coulter? No, it be President Obama's Press Secretary Robert Gibbs. Between this, the rabid attacks of Rahm Emanuel, and the implied approval of no reaction to these occasional outbursts, has Obama sufficiently expressed his aversion to the 'left' and sufficiently advised us not to vote for him again?

I am sufficiently convinced that if given the choice between Obama and any republican in 2012, any vote for any candidate will qualify as a vote for an opponent. Even if an work of futility, I will vote Green or CPUSA, anything but a positive vote in favor of a hostile adversary. How going on for you?
Why are you commies always so angry and depressed?
I think many liberals are in a minute rejecting Obama. For instance, yesterday when Obama came to Texas, the Democratic nomination for governor was out. He choose to distant himself from Obama. The Republican candidate greeted him simply to be gracious. He also handed Obama a reminder that suggest to him how to deal with the evil immigration problem. I praise both of them.
Really he STRENGTHENED the Patriot Act by extending it AND making Wire Taping Legal WITHOUT Just Cause.
he said he would close Gitmo, and end the war, neither have happened and we have far more troops involved presently.
He said he would help the economy and career starts, he did neither but out spent the republicans...
Worst of all Americans are fighting more than ever and see relations within the country are getting far worse than they were past.
I vote the most ethical and least socialist democrat respectively election.

Do the same contained by your party.
Obama be never on or for the left. American Democrats are center-right.
Still bashing out the same old-fashioned drivel then?

Obama's not running CPUSA? Could've fooled me.
The "left" (not all, but most) get played by this loser.

The real question: Will they maintain him regardless (like Bush's useful idiots) simply to stop the other party from taking power. (Ed Gillespie comes to mind)

(a)Action H: "he is the extreme dire far left"

lol....No he isn't.

A continuation of Bush era wiretapping, and a continuation of Bush era indefinite detention policies, and re-authorization of the Bush era Patriot Act with no new civil liberty protections for U.S. citizens, and nominating Bush's guy (Bernanke) to oversee the Federal Reserve, and promoting Bush era deficits on steroids, and sticking to Bush's foreign policy, and rehashing Bush's "comprehensive immigration reform" the culture rejected a few years ago, and pushing for Bush era trade policies (South Korean "free trade" agreement), and rehashing a 20 year old Republican idea to mandate U.S. citizens be forced to own form insurance (technically from Bush 1) is pretty Bush esque.

Are you saying Bush was "harsh left"?? lol
They're both coropratists (for lack of a better term).

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