Can any police officer contained by the dog component or someone who know of it support?

I live in Australia and am 17.

I have have a love for dogs my whole life and own also thought of being a police officer an option.

In yesteryear few months i have learnt more roughly the dog unit and it has blown my mind.

I enjoy a dog and i have done obedience and agility beside her the past 11 months. I love dogs very much and am aware that the training methods contained by the dog unit may not involve positive reinforcement.

I have considered necessary a social career being a police officer HIGHLY interests me. I am aware that I obligation to be a general duties police officer for 3 years before i can apply to the dog component. I am going to do a bacholers of policing opposed to an associates degree.

HOW COMPETITIVE IS THE DOG UNIT? Am i guarnteed to get hold of in even if it takes 10 years? This is my dream undertaking. Any advice on the matter or info something like the job?

I am aware of physical fitness and am taking a gap after conservatory to get fit and a job.
You aren't guaranteed anything. But seeing that you are outstandingly motivated, it would help your chances. It's adjectives about having a apt reputation, good evaluations, and showing a desire to do the job. But in that is more then just loving dogs. I would recommend as soon as you are bad probation start talking to the other dog handlers and ask for their proposal on how to be selected.
Join up first then look at your option.

Its incredibly hard role to get and you'll have need of some good evidence for the post.

Good luck
The Dog unit is outstandingly competitive and in general other they are in short supply of trainers and trained dogs.Dog squad is so important presently a days as they cover finding of Explosives,Narcotics,Criminals and even finding Trapped persons in earthquake and building collapse.When you are in love of dogs it will be a wonderful job man in dog squad.Best of luck. Source(s): Self

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