If you be president what would you legalise?

Killing drug abusers! perhaps I would let first time offender get by with complete physical castration.
Marijuana. Bill Clinton signed a tenet, that allows the government to sell marijuana. Revenue from hours of daylight one. Tax the sale, revenue on the back ending. Sell the pot to tobacco companies, let them process and distribute, since they have the systems within place already. Revenue on the front side and the backside. Maybe then the Democrats wouldn't need to make higher taxes on everyone.
Illegal aliens as long as they have no substantial criminal history, remain free of crime for a period of time, and do not pose a shelter risk to the United States (i.e. exclude terrorists, al Queda members, ranking members of drug organization, etc.).
Well I'll tell you what I wouldn't legalize, and specifically guns, marijuana and some more stuff. Thinks that I would legalize is prostitution but I would a high import tax on them. Also I would make going to school free or unbelievably inexpensive so students would want to study and not have to worry roughly speaking the price. In Europe these rules work really good. You may hate socialist but their cutback is stable. Source(s): LIFE Prostitution in legalised state contolled brothels.
It would help put an downfall to people trafficking,Lower sex crime, and those involved would be made to pay taxes,and for those working surrounded by the business regular health checks.It would need to be followed up by not anything tolerance for street prostitution with heavy fines/sentances for those still involved surrounded by street prostitution
Without a doubt, I would normalize polygyny. The United States should have a second lady and a third woman...just in crust.
Every thing our leaders dont want us to have
Dueling . An every politician would have to adopt a challenge .
same sex marriages, cross-State, but I don't believe the American constitution allows for that sort of power.
Free speech.

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