Has any other democratic president (or his administration) ever said the word 'left' as a form of criticism?

I honestly do not know the answer to this question but I would guess the answer is no. By my count, we stand at a minimum of three public condemnations of the 'left' from top officials within the Obama cabinet and even if it has occurred back, I would lay long odds that it ever happened three times contained by one administration. Whether you consider yourself 'left' or 'right', can you name a single president that have ever conducted such divisive acts of party cannibalism? (I do not reason even Nixon comes close because Nixon never deliberately provoked his own party next to public excoriations.)

What is motivating this? Do they want to divide and weaken the party? Are they so arrogant they do not judge they need the support of the 'left'? Are they really that hostile to the philosophy of their own party, and if so, next don't they really belong in the other party? Where do they mull over this is going and what do they think this accomplishes?
No ... I guess not .... I do not know .... what ?

This Guy Obama is for this Guy Obama !

You are asking Americans these question?

While your country is going to allow Sharia Law?

Chaos is a foot my Friend!

My hope is in Jesus Christ!

This humanism theory is not getting it done.

'Divisive' is not a word you could Label the Democrats with. During the final Election President Obama surprised many people around the world by using the permanent status 'Working Class'. Working Class people became so excluded from British and American Politics setting up in the 1980s that even the term 'Working Class' vanished from Political speeches and Newspapers. President Obama once referred to Working Class population struggling at Picket Lines for Union Recognition. President Bush also surprised people when he called upon Americans to remember the poor during a Christmas Radio address. The permanent status 'Poor' like the 'Working Class' had also vanished from the Dictionary of the Modern Media.
No. The biggest let-down of the Obama administration is not listening to the Progressives and trying to bend over backwards to the right wing. The stimulus isn't working as effectively as it should hold for creating jobs because they left out a great deal money for state funds to appease the Republicans. Now this new bill for state funds is passing because the Dems agreed to cut food stamps. It's a shame that the public preference was left out of the strength care bill. It is a shame that the Obama administration fired Shirley Sherrod because they didn't want Glenn Beck to nouns the story on FOX News. On and on it goes..
25 year old community organizer Barack Obama would own been disgusted
This isn't nouns toward his Democratic party. It is hostility toward those outside the delegation and further to the who are spouting their views. Many of these people are dumber than conservatives--they are idealist whose plans are so nutty that, if you asked them what law they would pass to translation things, they wouldn't even be able to write it. They just enjoy ideas but won't put them into a practical plan. And, more often than not, adjectives they do is criticize. If they don't bring anything to the table other than "oh, it's sad that our country works this way", after he is right to dismiss them.

Or, since you like everything divided nice and neat, the "left" doesn't own anywhere else to go. They won't support the right, they are fighting the right. So the vanished is stuck on his side, even if they don't like 'their guy' dismissing them as radicals.

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