Do you mull over near will be a world time of war III ?

have a moment to share your knowledge sooner.
was the situation of the world similar to nowadays formerly world war II occurred at anytime ?
yes, and i would prefer to get on beside it already and get it over with.
Yes I do infer that, and it's coming.

Wars will be in one place after another, it's plain to see that, and it's even prophesied in the Bible and various other places too and it's happening. The 20th century saw so many war it's unbelievable, and now, we are not only happy with making time of war on Iraq and Afghanistan, but we look to others such as NK and Iran, that we 'consider' threaten us. How will we ever be at peace in the world as long as there are resources and greedy culture that want to own EVERYTHING?
not for long....
Yes, thankfully it will be short.

What we own in the world needs to be looked at on a smaller stratum to try and get the picture.

If I come to you for a loan lying about my income and credit rating and consequently can't pay you back I am pretty sure you will pilfer action against me.

The banks stupidly loaned money to relatives who had no earthly occasion of repaying, so governments use our money to bail out the banks.

But what government are not telling us, is that their tax income shrank and so they are borrowing from international sources to prop up their economy in the hope, desperate hope that injecting this borrowed money into their economies will generate growth which within turn will repay all the money they have borrowed.

Now the bank won't lend because governments have warn them not to take risks, people can't buy because they can't borrow and their incomes stricture their ability to save for their purchases.

Economies will slow even further, the nation who have put up the money for governments to borrow will soon need to borrow to prop up their own slowing economies and their money will not longer be within the pot for them to draw on.

when they find the cupboard is bare all hell will break loose.

Britain is cancel defence projects while fighting a time of war, doesn't make sense.

Britain is fighting a time of war and yet we do not hear of any jobs anyone created as a result of a war effort such as be seen in WW2. We must be spending borrowed money on arms as resourcefully.

The writing I'm afraid to say, is on the wall. Source(s): It was written a long time ago and is in a minute coming to pass. Honestly i think their will be.

People say-so that we've changed grown more civalized. We havent we've just learn how too deed in public. The internet can show you what people really reckon but just dont say within public.

Were still as violent and illogical as ever. We are not so different from the other animals though we come across too think we are. We are just as probable too kill our own brother as too help him. People are as intolerant as every. Its in recent times who its directed at thats changed. Its no longer acceptable too target different races. Soo immediately people target religion and other such things. We will never stop judging respectively other we will just change what we mediate.

I mean you really think adjectives those countrys with nuclear weapons would still enjoy them if they knew they wouldnt need them.

I can see it scheduled. Perhaps someone will feel that iran or korea or china goes too far at some point and they try too intervene and it escilates. Its completely easy for things too go from impossible too worse. I mean look in the war in iraq and afganistan they werent ment too be so long or hard or lawless, it was expected too be a simple in and out position done thing.

I think surrounded by this day and age its rediculus too here people motto ''was the war in iraq officially recognized or illegal'' i mean seriously what does the law enjoy too do with war surely every period of war is illegal.
Probably not. We have nukes nowdays, and way more interconnected economy making wars extremly undesriable between major powers. Expect lots of rebellion, terrorist bombings, proxy wars, Big countries attacking small countries, and civil wars but no serious conventional war.

Here is a scenario though.

Turkey vrs Russia ---

Russia faces an economic catstrophe when it runs out of race entering the work force, and it is very sensistive to other powers like the US trying to embezzle away the remnants of their old Empire. Thats why they like propping up puppets contained by their neighbours, to make buffer states. Kazakstna, Ukraine, and Belarus are such thralls of theirs.

Turkey howerver is an ascending power, with a thriving reduction, and growing regional power destined to become the Big Fish in the middle East. Its friendly with Iran, Iraq , Syria, and Saudi Arabia. And it have miliatry clout. Iraq is in dissary and iran is in Global disfavour making Turkey the undisputed ruler of the middle East put aside the Americans.

But Turkey is expanding its influence East, beign barred from the EU for now,. If it expands its grease and resource interests in Azerbajan and Uzbekstan, it will start stepping on Russian toes, especailly if many Central Asians start seeing Russia as a have been who can't provide the same financial potential. Suddenly Black sea naval tensions attain out of hand and poof ! A multi-continental war between two trunk powers who draw in their allies. Iran, Poland, Estonia on Turkey's side, for example, as Anti-Russians see their chance to strike. Meanwhile America sits by, glad to see its rivals beat each other up.

Meanwhile China supports Turkey beneath the table, having interests in the Russian husk and Central Asia as capably. Germany and France on the other hand, dependent on Russian reosurces, heavily inevseted there and increasinly Islamaphobic, support Turkey below the table. For a real fanciful story let say they Join in!

Non-nuclear Turkey could lone push Russia so hard before nuclear detterance puts an finishing to fighting. But here is my scenario.
"I know not with what arms World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones."

Albert Einstein
Honestly i chew over their will be.
usa vs democrats
well what i see between israel china china south korea
something is brewing and i believe it is very possible ..
wow thumbs down for giving my opinion ? immensely mature..
Nope, because everyone would die.

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