What do you consider of my solution for honourable payback for feminine victims of SH, Rape & DV?

Well, an eye for an eye, someone hits you, you hit back twice...fair & square manly solution. Justice done. Simple.

If the man rape the woman, consequently the woman should rape him back even harder.
So did with any problem of SH, DV, Groping, lewded behavior!

After adjectives, feminazis said that women are people, equal to men (in every capabilities), didn't they? So let the women do matching thing!

I'll be the first to volunteer of being rape sufferer by women. Can't help waiting for my fantasy comes true, LOL! Uhhh!

By implement such justice, we also help Gov save lots of money on Court, District Attoney, Police, jail industry, etc..It also reduces lots of pollution from adjectives those people cars & jail trucks shift back & forth, electricity...So my solution is Environmentally Friendly!

It also solves Demographic Aging & shrinking population.
There will be no more prostitutes as well.
Your adjectives fantasy about man butt-raped can be a reality, all you necessitate to do is go to prison for a while and you'll get adjectives the attention you need.

I think you inevitability to go back to jerk off over the rape scene in 'Deliverance' and stop polluting YA beside this 4th grade nonsense.
I estimate you are making light of rape and the serious effects it leaves on a victim physically and emotionally.Your splash saying you can't wait to be raped by a woman shows that you enjoy little respect for woman and the justice system.A woman who has be raped does not want to do the same upon her attacker and such idea is immaure and ridiculous.Eveerything you hold stated is the equivalent of a teenage boy thoughts and would not help society as we know it.
"An eye for an eye make the whole world blind."

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