Can someones voice be record by something call "mimicking"?

someone told someone i know that they are being recorded, and when asked how, they said by "mimicking".
what the hell is that? lol.
also can someone text someone else in a public place?.
do they need blessing?.

Mimicking simply means imitating and yes you can narrative anything in a public place if you do not have any doomed to failure motives for doing so.
You are perfectly legally competent to record anything or anyone whilst they are in a public place.
You can also picture or take photographs of them.

Mimicking is just imitate someone. Nothing to do with recording their voice.
Making a recording of a personage imitating someone else's voice (i.e. mimicking them) is not in itself banned, but it would be illegal to use such a recording pretending it be of the person being imitate for purposes such as:
- obtaining money or property by deception.
- extortion or blackmail
- slander
- counterfeiting (e.g. recording someone imitating a high up singer and selling the recording pretending it is of that singer)
- wasting the time of the police by making a false report of an misdemeanour.
They made it up. Mimicking is just that, pretending to be someone else, and yes they do need assent to record your voice.

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