I get conquered up by a 27 year weak mother?

I was sat near my friend after a carnival in the town where i live.
This woman be laughing at me hysterically for ages (i had a fall out near her sister who is my age)
I am only fifteen.
anyway, so she was laughing at me for around half an hour, so i concluded by saying 'what?'
and she started shouting harm at me! (she has come up to me with spoken abuse before)

So me and my friend go to the public loos for a speedy wee, and as i was faced you other route, she ran at me and strangled my neck, turned me round, strangled some more (i thought she be trying to murder me to be honest!)
so she pushes me against a wall, throws me on the floor and starts kicking my head, neck and hindmost.. someone pulls her off me and i was within so much shock that i couldn't defend myself, all i did be try and grab her top an hair, but someone grab me.

There was about 30 witnesses and a woman be outraged at the fact that i was 15 and she be 27, and phoned the police, so i talked to the police (well my friend did, becaause i couldn't talk as i be in shock) and gave them my details.

She also have a 5 year old son who she lives with.
I am trying to opt what to do, as in court, warning etc.
Please relief :) xx
She needs detention centre time.

She has serious issues.
steal her to court

nutters like that belong in prison and for procure the 5 year old that can go to social service because in attendance is an example of why she is not a fit mother

xxxxxxxxx jail the cow xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
As you have made a Police complaint it is immediately up to them, not you, what happens next.
If you discern you cant charge her because of the five year son, then file an restraining against her
ok so a 27 year behind the times hits and kicks a 15 year old kid , assume she needs to be put away and i feel sorry for her kid have a mum like that
I would file assault charges against her and seize a restraining order against her. Also be sure to let the police or court know give or take a few her family.
Whatever punishment she gets will be her problem.
It's not your decision. It's up to the police and the CPS to settle on on what is to happen.
I believe you have posted about this woman before.
The more she is allowed to be lose, the more people she will hurt.
She requirements some therapy or a review of medicines to be taken to in control her down, she may already be under care, but; no caregiver so when meds run out?
Leave it to the authority to decide what needs to be done and for you report to it like it is to them, this is not the first time.
She may know she can get away next to it since it quite obvious she does not hold a true mental capacity for an intent.(Laughing at you for 1/2 hour and you stayed there and took it?)
it is natural to say forget it but, there will be a subsequent time and you should go for a restraining order big time,
within the meantime go in for some self safety classes to learn what to do the next time and to boost your confidence, this woman have psychopathic tendencies and will not stop so be warned.
I can right to be heard with confidence that her family has/is suffering emotional/physical assault which the authorities should informed about as well. Source(s): student of mental condition.

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