Help! Blackmail and court :/?

In may my dad had me escorted from his house by police as Id been spending more time next to my mum (his ex wife who he has recently gone througha messy divorce with) hes kept lb6500 of my stuff, my laptop, 1000s of personal photos of sentimental attraction an gifts and cards from my amazing girlfriend..
Iv been trying different means to capture my property back, now im waiting for my national insurance number for lawful aid to take him to court.

But today my brother came put money on from uni and went to stay at his house, he asked my brother to be a witness and produced a USB drive containing pictures of underage girls saying he found it surrounded by my room yesterday.. He told my mum who im living with currently and she believed him :/

My amazing girlfriend and the love of my life is 15 and I am 18 which is why i guess he did this, it make my skin crawl hes such a pathetic slimey creep :(
he said to my mum if i ever try to get my stuff fund in court he will call the police almost it :/

this would ruin my whole life :( but im a student.. I spent 3 years buying the stuff hes stolen an cant afford to buy it again, im going away subsequent year in june.. (cant wait) then disowning my undamaged sick family.. Theyve ruined my life for as long as i can remember, i be beaten daily by both of them and locked within my room as soon as I came home from being bullied by my unbroken school and no food just so you know the type of those they are...

I have text messages aphorism he checked my hard drive and went through adjectives my private stuff all the time. If he brings this up how screwed am I? :(
Please help :( sorry its so long but yeah...
why did the police escort you from the house? If the possesions be yours why did you not ask the police to allow you to take them with you at the time or conduct you to get them back subsequently? I would be livid if my taxes be spent on legal aid in a crust like this - which I doubt they would be as this is a civil case and you don't find legal aid for civil cases.

Go to the police and explain the situation - this gives you the upper foot. Ask them to go with you to find your stuff back - they will do this in cases of domestic brutality (you say you were conquered by him). However, it may depend on why you were escorted out by them in May as to whether they are predictable to support you or not.

Other than that forget it. This sounds harsh and it is, but you seem to enjoy two parents who you want to get far away from anyway. Find a job and move out asap and goal your contact with them (including your brother) before they screw you up even more. Get brand new friends and get a new enthusiasm. Yes you will have lost out money wise (a nouns top is not lb6,500 and can be replaced) but the hastle and emotional cost of dealing with this situation via the courts will be profusely more than lb6,500. Hopefully eventually you will realise that cutting your losses was the approach to go.
PedoBear was on here earlier asking question, I think you two would get along so shoot him an email.

p.s. The power is yours! ...unless you are contained by jail.
you should try and steal the usb and verbs it :D or just go ahead n jump to court he wont be able to prove the pics are yours if they arent on your harddrive he could have confidently made it up and if you go to court about the pics dont mention ur 15 yr infirm gf and tell her to tell the court shes not ur girl ur of late friends thats all i can think bad...
p.s. The power is yours! ...unless you are in jail.
If the pics are innocent (i.e. not of a sexual nature) then in that is no problem.
If they are of a "dodgy" nature then tough sh!t companion - you are on your own.

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