Are in attendance any requirements/ Legal issues next to instruction guitar programme?

I'm fifteen, and I've been playing for a few years now. I want to try to tutor others how to play. Obviously I would only realistically teach race around my own age, and really only beginners, but I really want to give this a shot. Are at hand any requirements with this (in the UK that is) or anything I should be aware of? Thanks
No, I don't have an idea that so. You should be fine. Of course if you were going to start a studio of your own then you might run into trial issues. But if you are just doing it at home then it's not a big accord.
You might attention to detail to look at this.…
It might seem strange for someone of your age to have to bear a Criminal Records Check to work with other youngsters, but it might prove necessary.…
If you are teaching at home - that's fine. If your 'customers' are cheery about the situation then they'll keep hold of coming for lessons.

Great idea - one young means that you'll know the difficulties and also be more in tune with other ancestors your age or younger's musical taste. Music lessons at university and privately by professionals is too expensive for most so make sure you charge a fee that reflect your situation (much cheaper).

You will need lots of patience and remember that you must incite and praise good work!

Good Luck! Source(s): I'm a music teacher. Unless you're really shows potential then i think your age and want of experience will go against you i'm afraid. Most parents who pay for programme would be wanting some sort of return for their money, and may feel that handing money over to a youngster wouldn't necessarily guarantee their kid improves.
Why don't you speak to your music dept at school,college etc? They might own some younger kids who would benefit from having someone closer in age taking them through the bare bones.
If you are serious about this,then you would own to have a CRB check done for being within sole charge of young person.

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