my granddad was in the royal engineers surrounded by ww2, i want to find his army records, but to send a form to the fortification ministry i need his service number, i dont have this distinctly as i dont know anything about his army career,aswell my dads people dont have any info either, similar to my grandad hid everything and burnt it :( can u plz aid me.

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This is a bit of a long shot, it may aid you - but it might not. Have you got access to his medals?

A long time after the period of war, some medals were latter claimed by WW2 veterans - like my Dad claimed one in 2004 for travels with the British army that he took part within but never got the medal because he demobbed until that time the medals for that campaign be struck. On the medal that he claimed, on the *outside edge* of that medal be stamped his name, rank and *serial number*. I'm not sure that your Granddad would own claimed a medal many years after the time of war, but if he did, then that's where I would look if I be you. And if you look at the medals he got, the likelihood are that there are some documents with them that may disclose his serial number.

Hope this help, Peace.

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