Is it evil to work surrounded by an enviroment i.e. 40.5 degree?

I was working at the shop I work at over the weekend, and the air conditioning be broken and blowing out hot air.
it got to high of 40.5 degrees and yet our nouns manager said there's no law against it so we own to work or we loose our job..

although i'm sure there is a statute against it and i need to know what it is so that i can confront him with it.
No. Steeplejacks work at 90 degrees!
i think they have to supply the workers near fluids by law. but i'm not sure about temperature. i worked in a factory when i left institution and in the summer it was boiling, and they come round with jugs of red juice, which we had to drink. i construe there is a law somewhere give or take a few what temps. you can work in, but i'm not sure. but i have worked within a few factories, one a biscuit factory in the middle of summer, and beside the ovens on, it was well over 110 degree, as long as employers provide water coolers to carry a drink, they are abiding by health and safety.
Under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 in that is no upper limit. There is a lower limit for sendentary workers. Source(s): Ex Health and Safety Manager Hey

It’s logically legal and no can fire you from your job if any on do this after you must go to the court against this. Source(s): There is a law that states a MINIMUM warmth, but there is no law that govern MAXIMUM temperature.
It's perfectly legal. I live within California, and immigrants that come here have to do things similar to that every day just to acquire by.

Suck it up, and stop being such a wuss about it.
Suck it up, and stop being such a wuss about it.
Stop whining, US and UK soldiers are living in tents at 120 degree Fahrenheit with full battle gear on within Iraq, just to protect you.
Unfortunately, the nouns manager is right. Whilst there is a lower constrict for temperatures in the workplace, at hand is no upper one.
No there's not I'm afraid. Otherwise individuals who work in blacksmiths and glass blowers will never move about to work.
No its leagal, contained by india
No there's not I'm afraid.

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