Should a nuclear power expect others to sustain them within their hour of involve?

Pakistan at this very minute is experiencing an event which every person beside any compassion can only feel sorry.
But is it right that a nuclear power should expect others to help out them out?
i'm not getting the nuclear power=immoral equation.

superfluous details:

it's a consideration implied in your broad question.

no, it's evident you want a particular answer like 99% of the sh*t-heads on this site.
i'll answer or non-answer however i please.

again, you are markedly looking for a particular answer any answer or opinion given that does not coincide beside your opinion will be dismissed, as evidenced by your cheerleading additional details of the opinion you like.

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Lets put it this way if we don't support the government the radical will take over because the people contained by that country are already showing signs that they are displeased with the government. Just think about these radicals with access to this type of missiles. I is our countries fault that it is nuclear along with the rest of the European countries because our collateral at our plants was so slack that their engineers and scientist were competent to come over to europe and have access to our technologies and pocket them back to pakistan.
Thankfully the UK, USA and Saudi Arabia are showing strong support and pressuring the others to follow suit.
Would you not verbs Bill Gates from a burning car just because he have more money than you?
For a major power that spends too much money warring and arming itself to the teeth against others, the ruling Pakistan establishment expects far to much assistance from the west. $300 million dollars were misappropriated when there be a huge relief fund sent there within '05 due to the Earthquake they experienced. That said, I do feel very sorry for the simple and humble folks that have been flooded out through no eccentricity of their own. But the Pakistani govt STINKS!
Nuclear capability beside money spent years ago isn't a reason not to help their citizens.

There is other the fear in this period of war world we live in that if a country lacks in defense it will be overtaken by another country. Funds for defense are see as necessary to the country's survival, especially in its rash years.

Given that the region is known for its endless war its really impossible to fault them for wanting to defend themselves given that India is also a nuclear nation and on its border. All the countries within that region are with fairly spanking new borders.

In this case though I think we enjoy simply had more tragedy world wide than we can respond to, and we are adjectives 'charitied' out. It's sad what happened surrounded by Pakistan, but its also sad what happened surrounded by Fukket, and in the Trade Center, and on the Gulf and in Haiti. We can find tragedy from the world so commonly and so quickly that it soon loses its impact.
Hi robert c
I read that the drainage and sewerage system surrounded by Pakistan is massively under developed and it has difficulty surrounded by coping with normal rainfall. There be no way it could cope with the recent downpour.
The immediate problem is hungry and homeless men, women and children.
The political argument is for another day.
Best wishes.
Robert C, I can see where you are coming from and the reason for your ask, which under its title is a valid one.
However the way I grasp that the aim of possessing nuclear power and the armoury that goes with it, is not something the elected representatives discusses with its people.
We own the same situation in Iran, where on earth people still live in mud huts, close to Pakistan, but they are into the nuclear arms race.
Having said that, I don't remember ever having be asked by any of our governments whether I agree with us have a nuclear deterrent.
So the point I am trying to make, we must help these poor associates, regardless and than hope and pray that the money does not find its way in paying for the bomb at the lapse of a rocket.
So you presume someone with nukes doesn't deserve help?
The Pakistani organization are totally corrupt and no they shouldn't be whining to the West for help. It's a different tale when they are supporting the terrorists, the integral country is a breeding ground for them. Most of the time they hate the West except when they want money. All aid should be stopped, charity begins at home and within are enough people within the UK needing help.
Millions of Americans live in abject poverty, but the U.S. government spends more on it's military forces than every other country surrounded by the world. One in eight Americans are so poor, they have to be feed by the government through the food stamp programme - the same elected representatives that, on the other hand, spends $75 million PER HOUR (24 hours a day, 365 days a year) on it's armed forces. How is THAT any different?

Also, Pakistan's nuclear programme be started when the U.S. sold them reactors decades ago. So, instead of supporting American jobs in the U.S. nuclear industry similar to that, what do you think the Pakistanis should have spent their money on instead? A approach to predict the weather 30 years in the future?
Just how useful are nuclear weapons within a humanitarian disaster?

One fith of Pakistan is underwater - 20 million people are homeless, cholora is widespread, crops enjoy been destroyed, livestock drowned and tens of thousands of people inert.

Do you think any country in this world could cope near events of this magnitude? I dont think any country could survive what Pakistan hold faced without a massive international aid fund.
Can you rephrase that? I don't really realize.

I meant can you rephrase the question. I know that Pakistan is developing its nuclear services, and that people are in peril. I don't understand your English or reasoning. Pakistan is "a nuclear power" doesn't make sense to me, but I may be wrong, contained by that this may be a suitable phrase.

Also, just because it uses Nuclear power we shouldn't help it? That is what I don't have a handle on.
P.S: I agree with Moron500. I'd give you a thumbs-up but I'm still height 1. Source(s): I live on earth, Smartass

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