Ah ain't Britain great in a minute we hold a fine investigational Government?

One that is close to the people beside its finger on the pulse and have a full understanding of the plight of the indigenous peoples of this Island.
at hand is no "britain" there is only the UK and everyone surrounded by it is a "UK passport holder"
I suspect by the end of next year we will own mass strikes and civil unrest in this country the likes of which we haven't see since Thatchers era and by the following year we will have an election. The trouble is that by next this Condumb government will have put this country on a course that will be irreversible. I am starting to assume that when the next election arises that Labour should in recent times let the Tories get on near it as they will have no chance of pulling the country fund into recovery. Let the Tories get on next to their master plan, privatisation of the NHS, privatisation of the Royal Mail, privatisation of schools, privatisation of just more or less anything under the sun. They can then abolish the winter fuel allowance, force ethnic group to work for their benefits by cleaning the streets, graffiti, sorting rubbish in recycling centre and just about anything else they can procure them to do. Then when the old start dying of the cold, the ill start dying from waiting for operation, when people have to start paying for constant NHS treatments that are free at present, or have to go lacking. When crime has escalated to a scale never see before. Then Labour can step in and ask the constituency members if they now understand why the Tories should never enjoy been allowed back into power.
It could be a lot worse.

i don't think they infer anything
If you're that guy on uklawfaq.com who hates the English, then you must be enjoy yourself.
I would love to articulate that they have only be in power for a few weeks, and it's early days Mr Sheepy, alas, both you and I know that we are simply kid ourselves if we expect to see our country improve under this lot.

There are going to be masses hardships for many of us surrounded by the cold months and years that lie ahead. It will begin to bite tons of us the hardest when that 1st winter bill drops on every bodies doormat..... record prices paid for gas and electricity when narrative half yearly profits own been announced with such blatant arrogance to be exact truly unbelievable. Then, when the VAT rise starts to take a grip, nation will have less money to spend, and more lofty street stores will close down leaving huge gaping boarded up swathes in the town centre. Many of us in the UK are going to have to work until we drop motionless at around 81, as they've now abolished the compulsory retirement age of 65 closing week. Then though, because many older associates will be 'job-blocking', that will mean even less job for our younger people. Britain now owes a moment ago short of one trillion lb, and the latest cuts are not even starting to reverse the increase. The debt clock is still ticking ever upwards.
And the ConDoom alliance will barely even slow it down back they are removed from office within 5 years from immediately. Happy days.
naww the U.S. still kicks more *** then your island Source(s): nation pride

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