What do you bring in of McDonald's plans to sympathetic branches surrounded by Zimbabwe, 13 years after their first attempt?

Lets face it......if any nation deserve to be fattened its africa.
Good news for Zimbabwe. No two nations next to McDonalds in them have ever gone to period of war. So they'll be safe from the South Africans and Botswanans who want to kick their butts. Source(s): Graduate of University of Rhodesia/Zimbabwe. Malnourishment to one of the most adjectives nation in the world. I suppose being hungry is better than starving... only not quite though.
Aren't they in need of job in Zimbabwe? Everyone is quick to slag past its sell-by date mcdonalds but it can provide a brilliant career actually, from working on the floor to store negotiator and then area commissioner or whatever. Just one mcdonalds can mean over 50 job.

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