It have presently be revealed that the Catholic Church covered up a bomb plot besides the sex swearing cases?

Should the tax payer now hold to pay for the security of the Pope's call round after this?. Personally I think he has get a damned cheek even coming here.
As far as I know, Willie Whitelaw was a Presbyterian, which somehow make me think that he may have have something of the Leveller within him, in spite of mortal a Conservative, politically at any rate. This being the case, I can make out his reluctance to persue a Catholic priest or do anything which might be seen as an attack upon the Catholic Church.

What many of us may not think through is just how powerful Protestantism is here England and just how popular Oliver Cromwell MP be in his time and even today. Just because the English don't go bang on about it does not mean they enjoy no love of themselves and their beliefs.

More English and Welsh were killed during the English Civil War than the combined number of the fall of WW-One and Two put together.

We must never forget this.

Don't want to bang on about it, but the situation should have remained buried in the deepest the deep.

But then we do not know who is behind the sudden release of this 'secret'.

What we enjoy his an historic event, about which we can do nothing.

To me it make no sense what-so-ever to bring it all up now, of late another shot at the Catholic Church.

Protestant Leveller
Edit – actually take the time to read the links and recognize before you thumb up or down.

The Catholic church were asked by the Tory command at the time what they could do to help the situation. They said they’d ‘see what they could do’. Father Chesney was never question by any of the security forces over the incident. The Tory government of the time have already had the blood of 9th August 1971 when British soldiers shot dead 12 civilians within 8 separate incidents in Belfast ( 21civilians shot dead by army between Mon 9th to Fri 13th, where’s the inquiry into this?? ) Bloody Sunday etc on their hand.

106 British soldiers were killed surrounded by 1972, 146 security forces in total. To put this into context it took 7 years for 100 soldiers to be kill in Afghanistan. Last year in Afghanistan here were over 100 deaths.

Northern Ireland be a jungle of collusion, dirty tactics, conspiracy between all party and subdefuge. There is no black or white in anything that happened. Bomb explosions and shootings be carried out by the British army and blamed on the IRA, UDA or UVF. Shootings by the RUC were blamed on the UDA. Bombings or shootings by the IRA got blamed on the British army or UDA. What you see, can also be what you could not possibly devise. Now we have Britain’s Home Secretary and Minister Of State, Willie Whitelaw ( who was other out of his depth ) colluding along with the Catholic church in the non-conviction and escape of a mass-murdering priest. There’s no surprise. It’s a run of the mill run of events for Northern Ireland and the UK government.

Status Summary Deaths Year by Year

A Chronology of the Conflict Events

Civilian Deaths on 9th August 1971…

Collusion - Chronology of Events in the Stevens Inquiries…

Collusion - The Miami Showband Massacre…

The charging of a priest for an outrage such as the Claudy bombing could enjoy led to attacks on and the murder of priests all over Northern Ireland. If this have happened then it’s rather sure that in the context of the time ( see above ) Northern Ireland could have spiralled into outright civil period of war resulting in many more death of civilians and British soldiers.

Old know all, is right when he wonders what other stories are going to come out in time for the Pope’s call on. Northern Ireland, Iraq or Afghanistan are examples of what happens when religion bashing is taken to the extreme.

Go ahead, join together in at your peril.
Get Your facts straight . It wasn't the Church covering up any plot. It be a Priest who was Catholic .It is not an excuse for Hate bile against the People of that Faith or its Administrators.
Firstly, everyone forgets that the Pope is not just a religious leader, he is the chief of a state that has been involved surrounded by cover ups and skulduggery for hundreds of years. Also not us forget that this particular cover up was done within collusion with the British government of the time, and no-one have suggested which of the two parties gained the most from it.
What with all this and and the hostility and oppression of bloody Islam, isn't it about time the inhabitants demanded an end to religion once and for all. Why should we tolerate the mindset of the brain motionless in the 21st century? I am getting sic and tired of religions nurturing psychopaths paedophiles and hate fuelled oppressors trailing their "faith"......
The Vatican are not the only ones covering up bomb plots !

See Monaghan and Dublin bombs !

Edit vote steve o jay - spot on, it be a terrible time in which gruesome things happened, lots of grey and very little black and white, hopefully it can be consigned to history
So one priest out of almost 40,000 is accused of a crime and the entire Catholic Church is responsible?

Does that mean if one of 307 member of parliament is accused of a crime and the entire United Kingdom is responsible?

Try to get a bit perspective.

With love in Christ.

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