Should 2% of the population be allowed to form up 1/3 of Supreme Court?

only if they were conservative bench
Kagen is not a conservative, and not a judge
Does it situation? We shouldn't have the makeup of the supreme court reflective of the population, it should be based solely on their recommendation and likeliness to observe the constitution.
Sure, why not? The SCOTUS is not meant to be representational.
two percent of the population, but what percent of the attorneys?

if the most qualified candidates happen to be catholic or jewish, so what?

within are no protestants on the SC, did you know that?

No but things will never change, at least anytime soon.
Catholics be paid up much more of the population than 2%.
No, of course not. Any population should be ruled by its own loving, and such a desire is normal and natural.

Of course, if anybody question what is happening, our "independent" media will say-so they are naziswhowanttokillsixmillionjews.
Yes, if they get their supports from Hollywood, the New York Time, CNN, Wall Street, AIPAC

pretty startling,considering that they are radicalls....
hey... there'd be plenty of conservative nominees if protestant parents had spent the concluding 30 years sending their kids to decent prep schools and ivy league colleges instead of home-schooling them and sending them to "Billy-Joe Jim-Bob's Creationist Academy and Banjo Emporium".

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