Can you seize Arrested at 13?

I was just wondering if you can return with arrested at the age of 13. Only in the UK though.
yup 12+
Yes the criminal age of responsibility is 10yrs in the UK
in the uk ,you can be executed...
yes and heck yes
yes, its possible,but that doesnt show you will be tried in court and or go to sentence to prison :) Source(s): im a junior dept :) yes in the usa would think so anywhere you break the decree
yup and prosecuted, it's been all over the report dude.
Of course you can. The minimum age for prosecution is 10. Source(s): UK Cop YES

The age for criminal consent has be set at 10.

It used to be 12, but after a lot of research it was granted that a normally educated and sociologically nouns 10 year old has the abiity to recount right from wrong to the degree that they would understand the concept of imperative and punishment, and that the law should reflect this.

There's profusely of controversy these days about it, but when i be 10 i knew the police arrested bad general public, and I knew if i did something that was wrong or contrary, then i was by definition "bad". Source(s): 6 years decree enforcement Yes of course, but you can't be legally name if you reside in the UK unless you are 16 or over.

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