Do you miss Gordon Brown?

Not necessarily him but without doubt his policy on how to deal with the deficit. In our Con-Dem Nation, the acerbic measures are leading to mass unemployment, the largest since Thatcher come to power. Sadly this always leads to an increase contained by: Benefit claims, poor health, domestic abuse, matrimonial break-ups, repossessions, devaluation, and crime. Con-Dem always claim their measures are to prevent the financial burden on the next age group, but that is not true, as the cost to Human life will enjoy to be paid for just as long, except longer, and not just in change.
I would a bit Gordon Brown than Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. Everyone blames Gordon for the countries debts, but it was America and American banks that cause the crisis in the first place. Greedy selfish capitalist bank that stole and abused the money and left the world in crisis. Gordon merely save the country from meltdown, which is what would have happened if he have not supported the banks. It was a huge dilemma. Letting the bank sink would have resulted in lost job, savings, investments, homes and businesses for millions in the country. Bailing them out intended those things were safe, but it cost the country a huge fortune which we are have to repay. Given the choice of the two, which would you have chosen? When you think in the region of it, he didn't have much of a choice. And the fault is not his entirely any so I wish people would stop blaming him for it.
I think a 100 years ago he would of be considered a great statesman like Gladstone or Disraeli. The guy was clearly hugely intelligent and we own replaced him with a vacuous Etonite.

All because he looked better on TV and couldn't smile (sigh)
every hours of daylight that i dont see him brings a smile to my face and hope to my heart
edit alan. why is it so sturdy for you to see that labour emptied the money box. so near was nothing moved out to bail out with.hence the massive amount of borrowing.
The deranged out-of-date donkey is writing a book all about how he singlehandedly save the planet from economic meltdown.

I only miss the lies that he spouted, but they enjoy since been replaced by the further liars from the new Lib/Lab/Con gala.…
The dangers of letting lunatics run the asylum !
No I do not.
like I miss the hole contained by my head.
I DID miss him , the gun sights were misaligned !!

only kid :)
I miss George Bush.
Brown who ? Oh you mean that shambling lunatic that spent adjectives our money and put us into deep debt for many copious years . No never give him a thought
No and at least now my TV eyeshade is safe as I was touching on smashing it every time I saw his face.
Like the plague.
I'd probally prefer the 54% of the gold supply he sold off than the man himself
who's he
who said irony is dead.
People put him down because his withdrawal of Charisma but that doesn't mean he cannot be a bad prime minister. I expect he was unlucky that he arrived at the start of the world economic crisis, and come after Tony Blair who was charismatic and smiled a lot.
I miss Brown. He remains my favourite PM since at Least the 1970s, and I think citizens never gave him a chance. He become PM just as a recession was starting and society just gave him adjectives of the blame for the recession.

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