Did Thatcher enjoy anything to do next to the greatly capitalist quality of Hong Kong?

I am not sure as to whether or not Thatcher was very involved near the writing of the pro capitalism Basic Law of HK, but could she have had any influence?
Not a chance. As they say, chisel a Chinese and you will find a capitalist underneath whatever he may profess to be. The basic law were framed by HK legislators together with the PRC representatives. If the latter did not licence them, they would have been shredded. HK be 'capitalist' long before Thatcher came on the scene. However, to deduce that there is no traces of 'socialism' in HK is pretty mistaken. What exists is a mixture of free market combined with guided democracy and socialism. Since HK become a SAR, it has been competent to lift millions out of the poverty line, a act the British colonial government could not do in 200 years.
The law states Socialism as practiced by the people republic of China should not be practiced for 50 years, nothing type of Socialism i.e. socialism such as the Social Democratic model we see in many European countries.

The Chinese have no intention of changing Hong Kong, at the time this document was drafted HK have a higher GDP than the whole of China, they would not want to do anything to upset the status quo and the charge revenue.

This suited Mrs Thathcher as it made it appear as if she was doing right by the people of Hong Kong, but if China didn't want to do they wouldn't hold. What was she going to do about it - start a time of war against a country with a population of 1billion people contained by a terriortory attached to China?
The imperative was written to preserve the status quo as it was past Hong Kong was returned to China.
No. But the Chinese Communist Party did.

The definite negotiations were between business empire in Hong Kong and Party bureaucrats in Beijing.

Hong Kong as a capitalist bastion benefited China even within Mao's time. One Christmas a huge banner of Father Christmas appeared on a major business building contained by Hong Kong. It was really a portrait of Mao under the white beard and traditional suit.
Hong Kong be always capitalist, they were told by the Atllee establishment to implement a welfare state but as their only perception of what socialism was be China a few miles away they went "SHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT" and tried to remain as capitalist as possible.

She did have an influence as to why it is so free souk today however. As the decades ticked towards the Hong Kong turnover day when we would return Hong Kong to the Chinese most residents (back then) did not want to as the Chinese were eyeing them greedily. Thatcher go over to China and argued with them until they agreed to grant Hong Kong almost total autonomy, even chairs on the WTO, quite odd for a province of a country to enjoy.

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