Is a UK Grant available for a current sheep farm road?

Our lovely quiet village is suffering more and more from greatly heavy vehicles, most of which are going to the Estate Farm which is at the other stop of the village. I have done some research and entry that a new farm road from the prevalent trunk road (to the East of the farm) to the farm buildings could be put in; in the order of a mile in distance and virtually flat. I am trying to find out if there is a UK Government give in available for such a project before I contact our Parish Clerk (rather than the Estate office) about my suggestion. If in that is no grant available then I don't expect the Estate would even consider my perception.
I have looked on Defra but cannot find anything helpful. Perhaps near is someone out there who knows around these things, please?
I take it the "new" access will go over the farm land in which satchel the land owner will not want it putting in as he will be losing money from it.

You are other going to get heavy sheep farm traffic this time of year due to the harvesting being done. Unless the majority of the residents complain give or take a few it nothing will get done within any case. Even if they have it will run years to implement the plans.
The people you need to contact are Highways at your local Council. you will not find any sort of allow as there is already an access road, also the Estate would have to grant permission for a road over their land.
Sorry but not much break of it ever happening.

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