How uncomplicated is it to get hold of an Emancipation at age 16 within the state of ohio?

I'm 15 now and I live in a terribly, very tense household. My parents don't harm me but they are constantly fighting with me and respectively other. I've been in counseling, psychiatric help and even have ran away. They aren't slightly to the extent of 'verbal abuse' but sometimes I just feel trapped. I be wondering, in the state of ohio, how easy is it to draw from a legal emancipation?
I own highschool credits already and a great chance for a full scholarship.
Thanks everybody.! <3
You might inevitability to show the ability to live on your own. Saying "I'll hang out without a roof over your head with the pimps, perverts druggies and hookers, get pregnant so I can dance on welfare and get food stamps" might not cut it, tho.
Not easy at adjectives. Less than 1% of all emancipations are ever approved. What you've said here does not sound similar to you'd be approved.

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